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Hello! I’m back on the blog after a break of two weeks during my summer beach vacation.


Indeed I was on my summer family beach vacation at Ajaccio in Corsica between the 3rd July to 15th July. I’m now back home and here on my blog. That’s missed me a little of blogging but I had really need to take a break, not specially of blogging but of all screens around me, these last weeks I spent a really really lot of time in front of my screens from my iPhone to my MacBook and my head and eyes were really tired about that so my goal when my summer beach trip comed it was of take a big break of screens during these vacation and I did it. It was so much good to take this screens break, I spent 1/3 of time that usually on screens during this vacation trip.


Here, now I’m back and this week I could start to do some recaps of my trip but before and during I start to write my trip recaps because I’m just back home since sunday afternoon, so I will do another post for today.




I read rarely because I can’t stay concentrate for read a book, I don’t know why exactly but I can’t. During these past years I like same read few books (I just put three months for read a book of 200 pages) and I have few favorites.


Here the little list of my favorites books during I write my first trip recap post.


Cracken, Not Broken.




Thirteen Reasons Why.


It’s kind of a funny story.


GoodBye Things.


These are my favorites books.



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