Favorites Board Games + Organizing System

I’m back from an amazing last minutes spontaneous change trip to Disneyland Paris. I could talk more in the recap soon. Stay tuned!

Recently, I shared about video games and how it improves my mental health but I love so much spend some times on some board games. Lately, I spend a lot of times on it and I love to try be creative during building sometimes, it’s helps me to change my mind a bit with a tv show in background.

Board games are cool! But a thing who is not cool about them, it’s the organization! Board games box are often enormous and twice bigger than what it inside. I hate this! Like a minimalism, a time it’s even put me off to keep them so much the boxes are big. After a few times, I will share the organization system that I use to keep organized my board games and reduce the ton of boxes and to have more space.


I have a particularly love for construction games like puzzles and co, I love also reflexion games. But my less favorite thing is the big boxes of puzzles. I looked since a long time to organize without these boxes.

A simple way by using zipped pouch. I organize my puzzles or board games inside. To recognize easy what is inside the zipped pouch, I cut the game name in the box and place on each. It’s easy and declutter a lot the boxes. All what I love! Bye boxes, hello space!

What is your favorite board game?



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