Favorite Tv Shows

One of my favorite thing to do in daily life is snuggling with my cozy blankets during watching a favorite tv show on nights. It’s the time that I wait for all day! This is a quiet time! This daily routine helps me to reduce a little my anxiety. On my bed, I wrapping me in my cozy blankets and turn on my favorite tv shows. I watched a billion times the same episodes and I can continue to watching them again. When I’m watching a tv show it’s a real obsession! But my mood to change in function of the seasons! Some tv shows, I could more love to watching them in winter, some others more in summer.  Watching tv shows is a way to distract from my anxiety. Sharing my favorite tv shows list!

I have a bunch of favorite tv shows! A kind of tv shows that I hate is about medical, that gives me again more anxiety. Grab some cozy blankets and binge watching!


Law and Order: SVU.

Modern Family.





Hawaii 5-0.

7th Heaven.

Malcolm in the middle.




I love comedy tv shows but not only! Law and Order: SVU is my biggest favorite, last year I binge watched four seasons in only three weeks. I love drama tv shows also but where there is always a little of fun in the show. I love watching tv shows but I love also watching the behind the scenes videos, photos! Do you have some favorites tv shows?



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