Favorite Summer Things + Disney Summer Watching List

Right! It will be a summer kind of post! But! Before!

Yesterday night, the French president has done an adress with one special good new. Since the June 2 at the beginning of the phase 2 of reopening the France, and it was supposed until the June 22, the department of Ile De France, Mayotte and Guyana were again in orange zone because of the different ways who done the flow of the virus high. But last night, the French President has officially placed the Ile De France in green like the rest of the France. Only Mayotte and Guyana are again in orange.

What’s means? All simply that Disneyland Paris is authorized to opens today. Theme parks in orange zone were not authorized to opens before June 22, now with the Ile De France in green, Disneyland Paris is authorized to opens. But! Disneyland Paris haven’t done again any official opening date, they tell who want to be careful on given a date. A lot of informations show that Disneyland Paris could probably opens only mid-July despite who have governmental authorization before, but no official date. Right! The new authorizations given by the French President last night could probably I think not changed if Disneyland Paris think to opening mid-July. But! It’s good to know that this zone is in green also. And it’s exciting me! I could probably not going to Disneyland Paris for this moment but with my terrible bad mental health, I try to find a bit of positive into this.

Now, about Summer! If you read me since awhile you know that my favorite season is Winter and the Summer season is a season that I do not support mentally Coronavirus or not for different reasons. It’s hard to know that we starting only this season and that winter is again far away. Right! I love a few small things in summer like even and I decided to create a list of these summer things that I love. To try to concentrate me during this coming summer season and maybe love a little more this season. Even if it’s could be something hard because this summer, it’s could be the one year anniversary of my grandmas passing away together in the last summer. Ok! Below these are the summer things that I love!


Well! Since the launch of Disney + in France in April 2020, I started and progressed on my Disney Movie Challenge. But these last weeks, I feel again more bad on my C-PTSD of the fact I haven’t had of therapy since three and a half months and I haven’t watched really something.

Right! On another side, I feel overwhelmed by all the things when I open the app Disney + so I decided to do a watching list special summer. I took the time to explore the app and find what movies I could to want watching this summer to try to progress again in my disney movie challenge. On this following list, there is some movies that I have on my movie challenge but a few of others things also. These are some things that I want to watch for a summer mood. Ok! A note, on this list I have watched already only three things, all the rest for be really a first watch.

That wraps this summer mood post! What is your favorite thing about the summer season? Is summer your favorite season? Why? Seriously me, in more of mentally don’t feel good in summer, I don’t like summer because I do not support temperatures more than 30°C, I can’t breathe with more than this and my skin doesn’t support the sun despite that I put sunscreen, I’m doing a sun allergy with my eczema. Thanks for reading!



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