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The other day during talking about my flashbacks my psychiatrist asked me if I already tried to use a meditation app. Yes! I use a few mental health apps, meditation, mood tracking, and co. I have a few favorites! I always try to use apps who are easy, smooth, and fast to use. I love basically journalling with some apps on my phone but I try do not spend hours on my phone during my days so I love apps that I can register easily and in a few minutes. I’m sharing my favorite apps.

Moods. I try to get into the habit of journaling before bed every day, not always easy but I try! Moods is my favorite tracking mood app! It is simple, easy, minimalist. Moods helps you to track your mood by asking how do you feel. The app proposes you a large choice of moods and you can add yours too. You can add a few writing notes if you need to develop. You have some weekly reports and monthly reports. The bonus of this app is that it’s available on Apple Watch so I can add my mood directly by my Apple Watch.

Motivation. Probably, my favorite app in my phone! Motivation is a quotes app, you have a bunch of inspirational quotes. I set a reminder to receive automatically some new quotes three times by day. You can change the theme background and fonts and you can save your favorite quotes, share them on Instagram or by text. Really my favorite app ever!

Reflectly. A second mood tracking like the app moods but with a different design and a little more complete because with Reflectly you can add what activities you made during your day, you can write notes about your activities and each time at the end you can answer at a unique question asked who gives you a little reflection on yourself.

MindShift. This app is a helpful tool for people with anxiety. You can check your mood of the day, track your level of anxiety, write your symptoms and the app proposes a lot of relaxation strategies and coping activities. You can fix you some goals and learn more about anxiety.

Oak. Oak is a mindful meditation app, including breathing exercises and sleep sounds also. The app gives you badges when you have accomplished goals and track your meditation time. There is not a lot of different meditation exercises but I love the main so it’s enough for me and I particularly love the narrator’s voice. I use the sleep sounds for fall asleep also.


These are my favorite apps who are great tools for my mental health! Talking about technology did you read my post where I share how my Apple Watch improves my mental health here. Do you use apps specially for your mental health? What are your favorites? Let me know if you use great apps!


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