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A few months ago, I shared about meditation and the use of this tool on anxiety, you can find my post here.

Since the beginning and I already shared in my meditation post that I use the app Calm on my iPhone to practice meditation. I fall in love with this app. She’s simple, beautiful and with a lot, lot of resources. You have even the possibility to register your moods of the day, you have single or series meditation sessions, sleep stories, calm music. This is a really complete app and I do not regret to have pay 54€ in February for an annual subscription. After almost six months to use, I could explored a bit the app even if I haven’t finished because they add always new things in more. I will share my favorite sessions, sleep help.

Note. There is so much more options and sessions in the app who could be maybe more personalized to you and your emotions. The follow that I share, these are my favorites who could help me in my anxiety and C-PTSD. There is also different narrators but the more present in the different meditation sessions through the app and my favorite is Tamara Levitt. When you try first the guided meditation make sure to try different narrators and voices because of experience the voice who guide you can make the difference, mostly when you are a beginner in meditation and that you have concentration trouble. Let sharing my current favorites of the app Calm!



Simple and easy sessions, for when you are learning, starting meditation or when you have need of an emergency fast session to calm your mind during the day. These four follow sessions are my favorites.

Cool Down with James and Calm Your Worries with Percy. These two sessions are some really little fun ones, you can follow the adventures of a little train who need to calm some of his emotions and calm your in the same times. This is really some fun little sessions to follow.

Take 90. Take 90 is a session of 90 seconds to calm down. This is a really fast one when you need to calm down your anger and you haven’t a lot of times in front of you.

Emergency Calm. I love this emergency calm session, you can use a timer of different times but my favorite to use is the 10 minutes one, perfect session to calm down and breathe when you feel overwhelmed.



Daily series are some sessions guided or no perfect to practice daily and on the long term or again I love the 7 Days or 21 Days series who every day help you and learn you something. Here are some of my favorites.

Calming Anxiety. Calming anxiety is the perfect guided meditation if you suffer of anxiety. You can chose a meditation session of 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minutes. My favorites are the 15 and 20 minutes sessions. It’s a perfect to calm the tension of anxiety in your mind and body.

Timed Meditation. Timed meditation is a no-guided meditation, here again you have a large choice of time because you can choice a meditation session from 1 minute to 8 hours. With a slow music in background, it’s rather a session when you have practiced meditation since a time and that your mind is capable to meditate without help and accompany.

21 Days of Calm. 21 Days of calm is a session to practice mindfulness during a 21 days series session, every day you could learn and practice mindfulness and brings some calm in your daily life.

7 Days of Happiness. 7 Days of happiness is a good series session who could help and learn you how to let entry more happiness in the daily life.



Troubles to fall asleep, in more of could practice meditation during the day, from sleep meditations to sleep stories, the app Calm has also a lot of tools to help you fall asleep more calm and better. Here are a few of my favorites.

Deep Sleep. Deep sleep is a meditation sleep to let you going into sleep. Perfect if you have trouble to fall asleep. I love using the 30 minutes session. Before I took one and a half hours to fall asleep, since that I use this session almost every night, I take from 30 to 45 minutes to fall asleep.

Sleep Rhythm Kumbhaka. I find this sleep rhythm meditation rather the same than Deep Sleep but this one is my current favorite at night. Because in the music background there is some rhythms percussions music who make me think at the shows of The Lion King and Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris. Right! I wanted to place in this post!

The Little Mermaid and The Ocean Moon. If you prefer a sleep storie than a sleep meditation to fall asleep. No problem! The app Calm propose a large choice of sleep stories and read by different voices and narrators.



Just need of a little of music to relax, the app Calm has a large but very large choice of music to take a relax break. Here are a few of my favorites.

Disney Peaceful Piano. I was in love when only a few weeks ago, I opened the app and saw this new Disney peaceful piano music, inside there is some of the Disney classics played in piano. Love this!

Soothing Piano. Again piano! I don’t know why but I love piano sounds. This soothing Piano music is amazing, including there is different music, with different piano rhythms.

Ocean Waves. Ocean waves sound is an of my favorite sound to calm and like I don’t live close to the beach, I can’t hear it often, this ocean waves music makes the perfect solution.

Train Ride. Here again, I don’t why I love train ride sound, but I love it and I just love simply this train ride sound in the app.


Right! These are some of my favorites sessions that I love to use in the app Calm. But there is so much more in this app. This is crazy the number of sessions, sleep stories or again music. I was not again able to explore all the app and regularly there is again some new things added. Do you know the app Calm? Do you use an app to practice meditation? Or relax sounds? What is the favorite time of your day to practice meditation? Thanks for reading!




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