Fall review 2018

It was a big goal! And I did it! This Fall, I launched me the goal to change my feelings about Fall season. The Fall season was always the season that I hate and who depressive me. This year, I wanted to try to change that. The end of Fall season is around the corner and it’s time to start slowly Christmas spirit now. So, I wanted to do a review of how I managed and all my new feelings about Fall. Because this goal could to be a of my biggest challenge that launched me in 2018. Yes! I always had a big problem with Fall! In the beginning of the season, I took the time to write down a Fall Bucket List. I love to do bucket lists! But, a Fall bucket list, it was my first time. I searched ideas for activities and fun things to do during Fall on Pinterest. And, I just picked up these that I wanted maybe to do or these they could maybe help me to love Fall. I did 3/4 of things on this list. And some, I very loved! Some others, they helped myself feel me better about Fall. My feelings about this Fall is… I love a little more this time of the year. It’s not obvious, and the Fall ambition depressed me like even on some days. But I did my better and by to do some things that I love and dedicated only on Fall season. Like ride my bike in the forest with all the leaves. That’s helped me to find a little of love and beautiful time during this season. If I work again during the next Fall, I think, I could love again more Fall. There is a little of positive about that! In the beginning of October, I had my second solo trip and I love the idea to do a trip during Fall season also. During this season, I developed a pumpkin obsession. Good!



Here my favorites.

1. Ride bike/Walk in the forest and to see leaves.

2. Decorate for Fall.

3. Nights with my soft blanket.

4. Halloween Movies.

 5. Get outside cozy.

6. Carve Pumpkins.

7. Fall Photos Sessions.

8. Pick up leaves.

9. Bake Fall spices and Halloween recipes.


I think! The others things on my list that I did not had the time or the occasion to do them this season. I keep them aside for next Fall. What was your favorite thing during this Fall? I could love to hear from you!



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