Welcome in a Fall Home tour! I will share the little fall decorations touches that I added. I always loved to decorate for Christmas and we decorate the home for Halloween since that I’m a kid but for fall not really. Last year, I started! To decorate and add few littles special fall touches in my bedroom. This year, it was again more important than never with my goal to switch my depression in the fall season to enjoy this season like (or almost like) others seasons. It’s a big goal! It’s a big deal! Because I always hated FALL! But this year I wanted to switch that! Ok, the home decorates for fall is in the time. I added few fall touches. I did not decorate so much like Christmas because I want just to keep and decorate a lot at the Christmas season. Today, I host you in my room and show you my fall decorations. I’m excited about! Yes! Because I work hard on my goal to love fall. And! I’m feeling good with the decorations.

Although! In my way to love fall, I developed an obsession with pumpkins decorations. LOVE pumpkins so much now.

I added special fall touches and in few times I could add few special Halloween touches (I could to do a post also), I did not want to put the two on the same time. And! I live in France and place orders on USA shops, the delivered can take more than 10 days so the time that I ordered all, all is not again delivered.

And for to be again more in the fall mood during taking my fall decorations touches in photos, I baked a pumpkin pie.


Welcome in my little fall decor! On the top of my bookshelf, I placed few real little pumpkins.

A fall board that I created myself. Yes!I’m rather proud of me! I buy the board, paint and all did. I found diy and inspirations on Pinterest.

The board and this pumpkin glass that I bought on Pottery Barn are my ABSOLUTE favorites decorations items. I placed a separate Christmas garland light inside the pumpkin and…

It’s really so amazing. I love so much! In the dark! I turn on the garland in nights and sometimes on days too, it’s so cozy. Love, love, love.

On my desk where I work principally on mornings, I added two pumpkins and my Halloween books are out because I use them a lot.

The white pumpkin comes from Pottery Barn and the little orange is a real where I write on with a sharpie marker. Ah! I have a new hobby, write on pumpkins.

On the wall next to my desk, I placed my last year pumpkin wood board that I have created myself also.

On my nightstand, I wanted a little something too. I have a real pumpkin where I write “trick or treat” on. And I have my fall colors notepad from Erin Condren, like that if I want write something. I can!

My currently favorite color on my Philips Hue Go lamp is orange. When I’m watching Halloween movies I’m again more in the mood.

It’s my little fall decor 2018! Here, few Halloween decorations could be added nearly.

Thanks for reading! Do you love Fall? Do you love decorating for Fall?



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