Fall Decor

I realized that it’s eight months that we are living in the new house and that I have never shared a bit of photos of my new bedroom or of the house. In reality, it’s for one simple reason, I haven’t again finished the decor of my bedroom as I want to it and that half of the house is again under renovations.

The biggest part of my decorations is placed since a few weeks and it’s a long time that I have made the most necessary for that she is cozy but I haven’t finished the little touches and I had a want of new changes that I haven’t done again. My problem is that I’m not again sure of all the little details that I want AND as long as I do not know exactly what I want in detail, I do not do it!

This weekend, I realized a project that I had since a few weeks but I haven’t had the time to do it with to be out of the house almost all September month. I wanted to hang my TV on the wall since a long time even in the old house and I have finally decided to do it. Right! I could maybe share some photos of all my bedroom before the end of the year. But! Right now, I will share a few photos of the little Fall and Halloween decor that I added this weekend after I have hanged my TV on the wall.

It’s the first time that I decorate for a holiday in my new bedroom and awhile I haven’t finished all the touches of my simple decorations, it was pretty hard where to place what I wanted. Well! I used all the Fall decor from last year, I haven’t buy something of new for this year (I dream just to buy me a mickey pumpkin during my trip to Disneyland Paris ), I have even taken less of decorations that last year. I feel pretty good about it!

Do you decorate for Fall? Thanks for reading!




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