Fall Bucket List

I love to do some different bucket list at each season! Leaves are not on the ground but the weather is about 15-20 degrees Celcius so it rather the Fall season. I think it’s the time for my fall bucket list. At the beginning of the week, I shared some photo ideas to take in the fall season, here. Lately has been really tough and I wanted just to do a fun post before taking a break of blogging during the first part of my travel next week. I was in the mind that a Fall post could be fun. Right! I’m sharing my fall bucket list!

The last thing on my list is really special. These last times, I was not able to enjoy nothing, I need to learn back. What is on your Fall list to do? Right! Sunday, I left home for three weeks and my first stop is four nights in solo to Disneyland Paris. I have so much anxiety about the last events that I don’t know how I feel about my anxiety to travel in solo. I have a few challenges. Well! I will take a break of blogging next week. I could be back on Monday 16, on the blog when I will be in the south of France with my parents. You can follow me on my solo trip to Disneyland on my Instagram account.




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