Fall Bucket List 2018

Hi on my little space on the internet! Friday, I’m back from my last summer 2018 trip. Back from this trip and the weather who has started to down slowly, it’s September now also, with school time also. We started to going in fall! Saturday, I put my fall decorations… and today, I will share my fall bucket list 2018. Few things about, this is the first year that I do a fall bucket list, I do for summer,  Christmas but never for fall. Until today, fall is the season that I hate the more, I don’t know why exactly but this season depressive me so much… it’s maybe also because few years ago it was always in fall that I was hospitalized. This year, I’m absolutely motivated to change my feelings about fall. I don’t know if at the end of the season fall could to be my favorite season but I hope that I could love and have fun in this season also. It’s in this way that I decided this year to create my first fall bucket list, I worked hard since the beginning of August with the help of Pinterest to find inspirations on this bucket list for try to have fun and loved FALL. I picked up all ideas and write them… for try to loved fall. Below, it’s my bucket list.


Well, it’s THE list!


I’m interested by your feelings about fall! Do you love fall or not? Do you have a fall bucket list? What are your favorite things to do during fall?


Let’s go on this challenge to love fall. I’m more that motivated!




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