Every day in May.

Happy 1st May!


I found that may is a special month compared to the others months of the year.

May it’s just the month before summer… I love this month, I look this month for start new things with summer coming just after may. I found something of special that sounds good in may.

I decided for this reason that in may I wanted to do something of special and it will be a every day in may.

I wanted use may for to do something of good for my health/mental health or just because it’s the season in my every day life… I have already a may goals list that you can found HERE but I wanted something of a little different that some monthly goals and I chosen to do a list of things that it could maybe to be good to do for my life, it could good because just since one week I’m down in a depression feeling so I need of that. In the list, I have some easy things that I can to do every day, I will not do them all every day in may but each day I can pick up one thing or more in the list and to do it.

It’s some easy things but I really need to include some easy things in my every day life for stay up and take the step on my depression side of these times.


Below my list of easy things to do every day in may.


1. Take cherry Blossom in photos. These trees are my absolute favorites, take them in photos that’s can help me.

2. Drink smoothies. It’s close collaboration with my goal of eat fruits in may.

3. Zoo. I feel just in mood this time for to do a visit in the zoo.

4. No MacBook/iPad/iPhone after 9pm. I have tendency to work on my MacBook/iPhone and watching a movie or tv show on the same time on nights so I decided that I want just concentrate me on the movie/tv show or to do something others and not with electronics devices.

5. Ride bike. During spring this year, I wanted try to do bike, I did not to do bike since some long months, I want to do on some sunny days.

6. To Do bubbles. I love to do bubbles, it’s therapeutic for me to do some bubbles. I found that so fun and I’m so excited about, it’s easy to do, just on depression that’s can help me a little.

7. Drink lemonade. I love lemonade in spring/summer, it’s so fresh on sunny or hot days.

8. Sleep early. When I’m in depression, I have a tendency to watch something on screens late in night and I turn off all the lights not before 2h/3h am so same if I’m depressive, sleep early.

9. Enjoy rainy day. In my city, the month of may is not planned like a month with sun and hot every day anyway I believe that hot days will to be rare in may so if it’s rainy just enjoy the rain.

10. Training drone. I need to train me with my drone, I have it since christmas, these last times I did not use it a lot and this summer I would like use it a lot but I’m not a expert with so I need to train me and I chosen may for that.

11. Watching Tv Shows/Movies. When I’m not good, I love watching some tv shows or movies so I chosen of write on my list.

12. Stay out. If the weather is good I want stay outside for work, take naps in my patio,… just stay with sun and good weather.

13. Take naps. Oh yeah! I need, need of naps.

These are some easy things to do on my every day in may. It’s a really important thing I think for me to do some every day things in may because I think may like a perfect month for to do a thing like that and I need more than all like I’m in a depression time actually. Have you any ideas of easy things to do in every day life? If you have some ideas, please let me know it!

Thanks for reading.


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