EuroPa Park in Christmas World

Hi! Saturday it was a magical day in EuroPa Park all decorate for christmas, around Halloween I was already in EuroPa Park with all decorate for Halloween in my post with the review in photos (Halloween in EuroPa Park) I said that I wanted come back again in with all decorate for christmas… saturday I did.

Like the last time, I share this time with my mom, dad and sister. This was a magical day and the most it was at the night with all beautiful christmas lights in park. The weather was cold but not so much, me I had put 4 layers of clothes on me so I did not have cold.

It’s 01h30pm when we arrived. We started by take the Express Train for see the decorate around the park, in this visit of the park, we have many times took trains, we have walk, take the train again and saw of beautiful christmas decorations.

In my favorite place in the park, it’s like in Halloween the entrance, I love this entrance.

After the train is comes at the departure point, we left him and started by walk around christmas market.

I love it it was awesome.

We are walking in the park and see the chinesse lights.

I love nutcracker.

Train Station.

Same the trains was decorate for christmas it was awesome.

Let’s go for Ireland place, in Ireland there is a big Milka Shop and my sister wanted to go, I love this shop but I nothing to buy in food.

After few times of walk, we stop in a Cafe and drink a hot chocolate.

We continue just of walk after around the christmas decorations and we took again the express Train.

Just again more of christmas decorations.

 A lot of fires was lighting around the park to warm up, seriously I have the fire phobia but there I loved watching the fires.

Rudolp, the reindeer was all lying down.

Welcome to Magic Ice -15°C and some awesome sculptures.

Around the end we took back the Express Train until the entrance and a BIG thing now… The Voletarium, first and only experience to flight like a bird, It was awesome I have no photos because it was not allowed inside, I just take the waiting line during 45 minutes… but it was worth it. AWESOME. The come back outside after the Voletarium, it was the night and all lights was lighting and beautiful with the night.


The End it was snowing.

I took the end the this day in EuroPa Park with a Nutella crepe, I haven’t eaten all she was too big the 3/4.

Ok, this day in EuroPa Park was beautiful, awesome, sweet, I loved all but my favorite part was the christmas lights lighting in the night.


A Christmas thing wrapped for 2017.


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