Erin Condren

Hi! Today, I will talk about a brand I discovered there is few times ago “Erin Condren“.

Erin Condren is a brand dedicated to planner, notebooks, stickers and a lot of few others things. Me I used until this time principally for planner and notebook, stickers. In October I bought my 2018 Planner, I love the tools for organizations and to makes all that fun. I had on the moment a big heart stroke when I discovered this brand, I founded on this site a lot of materials that I wanted but I founded anywhere in France, after a lot of thoughts if yes or no I try to order, I did. If I had a lot of reluctances in first time cause I live in France and all things order on internet outside European Union is subject to some taxes. I had particularly fears to have some taxes to the same rise of the order, so, I will have the bill order duplicate by 2. One thing: with Erin Condren we can personalized a lot of items.


I love this notepad, I use it for all my lists like grocery, holidays plans, my food monthly goals, etc.

/NotePad/ I loved the painted petals designer, so, I bought him, I love to do lists on these.

/Coiled NoteBook/ – Painted Petals Designer also, I use this NoteBook for my Recipes.

/Travel Dashboard/ I searched a good and beautiful check-list for travel since a lot of time. I love this one, one more a category is included for add again more yourself extra things.

On the back, we can SAME plans your trips, what things you want to do with date, place, part of the day, etc? there is enough of place for write a lot of things to do.

/Monthly Stickers Book/ It’s a of my favorite, I have a stickers obsessions, I love this monthly book of stickers with specially stickers for each months of the year with these evenements.

A example: August Stickers Page.

/Dashboard/ I love this dashboard for to do lists, to buy, etc… I have one, actually I use it for my November To Buy List and Christmas Gifts Ideas for everyone on the back.

the back.

/Planning NotePad/ I searched one like that for planned what I want eat on one week and what day or what food I want to do photograph and what day, I can to do the two together with this planning notepad.

/Sticky NotePad/ This little NotePad can be fixed with a adhesive, I love and use it for write little things, little lists, posts ideas, etc.


Ok, I love organization and I love put fun with stickers et others on the organization in my planner. I love Erin Condren tools help to that. I bought on this website my 2018 Planner in October and a thing that I can told same if I don’t again use it really, I just start to use it for complete few points and add things planned for next year,… The price of minimum $50 of the Coiled Planner is expensive at my first point but when I received it, I thought “it’s not expensive for what it is this Planner”, a lot of things is included, stickers, differents types of months pages for get organized, to see on the site all details here.


I love Erin Condren, there is no brand like that for get organized in France. I advisable this brand… the support services is too good, fast.



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