I hope you feel good! I will talk about a subject that I have already spoke on the blog there was some months ago, my skin problems… I wanted to talk again currently because I have so much eczema these times, it’s a little hard and I need to talk a little for release my actually sufferings about eczema.


If you also you have eczema, let me know it and your story I could to be happy to heard stories of others peoples with eczema.

“Skin problems and a recurrent in my family and mostly for the girls, living with eczema when I was young it was specially hard mostly at school, big red plaques on the body the others children bullied me, refuses to sit next of me by fear for contagion, it was specially hard when you are a kid and that you don’t understand why your skin is like that and why only me and not the other kids in school. On my hairs I had white particules and for that they bullied me in tell me “it is snow on your head” and that in summer. These white particules on my head I have always them this is a part of ichthyosis.”


“…What I loved in thermale cures was to saw other kids with eczema problems also and that I was not alone with that.”


These are little parts of my previous skin problems post.


These last few weeks,… the eczema increase so much, I have a lot particularly to my ankles and writs.

THE THING: is that the skin doesn’t want becomes heal cause when she start to heal after just few days, I re-start to scratch until blood, I use different creams for healing (Flixovate, Cicalfate from Avene, Cicaplaste from La Roche Posay and hydrate creams) but when I spread creams on the eczema I want again more scratching and same if at the beginning I manage to do not scratch myself… it’s so much intense that I finish to scratch myself.


The drug that I take for manage my emotions switching from bpd is the Lamictal (25mg) and this drug is knowing for skin problems on side effects, I think that this medication is a part of my actually intense eczema,… I wanted to try to stop this drug, so I could see if really it’s that, but I have eczema since my birth.

A other problem, my sweetness little cat that I love so much but I have allergies to pets, when I snuggles him that do not help in contrary I scratch me again more.

This is a little hard time.



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