Easy French Toast Recipe

I dealt a lot to eat these last weeks. My anxiety gives me troubles and around each meal, I feel again more anxious and I just do not want to eat. It’s pretty hard lately! In general, with my eating disorders it’s can to be hard to enjoy food but lately, I enjoyed no meal in weeks. Well! The other day, I was in the mood to eat french toast to maybe enjoy this food. It’s a long time that I haven’t eat french toast for no special reason. The other morning, I wanted to eat some so I have done it. I was surprised! I enjoyed eating them! It’s like unreal! I have managed to enjoy food! It was pretty good! In the honor of this exceptional event, I wanted to share my french toast recipe. I use this recipe since years, it’s easy and simple!

Do you know that in France “French Toast” is called “Pain Perdu”?


40g Sugar.
1 Egg.
40ml Milk.
4 Brioche slices.


Powder sugar.


Beat together egg, milk, and sugar in a large bowl (enough to could place the brioche slice in).
Heat a buttered skillet. Soak each edge of the slices into the mixture. Place in the skillet and cook both sides until it’s golden on each.
Serve hot. Add sugar powder, fruits or Nutella on topping depending or your desire.

Do you love french toast?


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