Easter Weekend

We get had a four days weekend in France over here because Friday and Monday were some holiday days. I hate this! A so long weekend where everything is closed! I feel like it’s the death and there is no live! Today, I have my first psychiatrist visit since three weeks and I’m not motivated to go. I’m always disappointed about my last psychiatrist visit but today is the last one before she moves his office also. I don’t know, I’m not motivated and I don’t know where I’m and what to do in this situation. The weekend was hard with a few little good things. I had some really high anxiety over all the weekend. First biggest anxiety since I’m back from my solo trip in Paris. I don’t know if it’s because I’m exhausted of my trip. Or I’m supposed to be in a hard time after each solo trip! I tried to remember the last times after my solo trips but I don’t remember. I just remember that I was happy to have done these trips!

I enjoyed the Easter time to do creative things. I baked a blue cake and I have done for the very first time an icing on a cake, it was fun and I enjoyed! I painted eggs, I watched “The Dog Who Saved Easter” I love this cute Easter movie. I ate rabbits raspberry doughnuts. The weather was beautiful, sunny and hot, I tried to spend time outside with the sun but I think a lot to ski and I miss the mountains. Ski blues! I miss winter! My sister has slept overnight and the relationship was not special good. Family relationship was hard over the weekend.


How was your Easter weekend? I would love to hear from your days.



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