Easter Mini Eggs Cake

I love to use each holiday to do something special. Easter is not an exception! But to be honest it’s not easy compared at Christmas. I added a few eggs and bunnies for decorate and I coloring a few eggs. My favorite movies to watch during the Easter season are The Dog who saved Easter and Hop, these are some cute movies. I love them! Each season, holiday, despite my eating disorders, I try to bake something special. Well! I searched during many hours on Pinterest to find a recipe inspiration but I have not found a lot of inspirations compared to the Christmas season. I wanted to do an egg cake and I have finally found an inspiration with to use an egg cookie cutter when I saw that I have one during the moving. This recipe is easy and fun, I had a fun time to do it and it’s cute to eat. I gave to taste the mini eggs cake to my parents and in one night they ate half of the eggs.

Need for the recipe:

Betty Crocker Pound Cake Mix.

Royal Icing.

Food coloring.

Egg cookie cutter.

Cupcakes liners.



Bake the pound cake with the directions on the mix package.

During the cake is in the oven, prepare the royal icing.

In a bowl, mix with a spatula 250g Confectioner Sugar with 100ml Milk and 1 Tablespoon of Lemon juice. Separate the icing in different small bowls for each color. Add in each one the food coloring that you want. Keep aside.

Let cool the cake. Slice the rounded edge off the top of the cake, flip the cake over and cut the entire cake crosswise into two layers. Use the egg cookie cutter to cut out 8 egg shapes. Place them on a sheet tray fitted with a cooling rack. Place the icing bowls in the microwave and heat for 10 seconds, stir. Pour the icing over the eggs, making sure to cover completely each egg.

Let the icing dry about 10 minutes. Transfer eggs into cupcake liners with a spatula. Let out your creativity and decorate the eggs with icing chocolate pen.

A little Easter fun!




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