Disneyland Trips Like Mental Health Therapy

Right! It is true! I can’t believe it! If you read me since awhile you know that I’m doing Disneyland Paris trips like therapy but it was my own experience and I have never really hear or see other peoples talk about Disney trips like that (others peoples tell who take some Disneyland trips rather to forget the daily life but it’s not what I feel me). Yesterday, I was just scrolling on Internet  and I accidentally found a post where a psychiatrist tell that he prescribes Disney trips like mental health treatment.

Below is a part of the post:

Psychiatry Today’s Dr. Sanders has begun prescribing his patients week-long trips to either Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

Dr. Sanders explains that while the trips are still optional, being surrounded by the positivity and manufactured joy at a Disney park can have profound effects on your mental health.

He said:

My patients have the choice to take trips with their family to help promote positive changes in their behavior and develop lifetime memories in the meantime. I usually suggest my patients purchase an annual pass to make sure that they are able to continue on their path to managing their emotions.

Dr. Sanders seems to believe the psychological studies which state “humans exposed to environments encompassing the patient with positivity and experiences that are enriching have changed the outlook for the patients.” Disney parks are examples of such positive and enriching environments.


Since that I read that I feel better. Before when I told to peoples that doing trips to Disneyland Paris was my therapy, I felt like they didn’t believe me and thinking that going to Disney can’t be therapeutic like I describe it. But it’s real!

Despite the current world situation and that Disneyland Paris has closed again because of a new lockdown in France because of the second wave of Coronavirus and with already four months of closure early this year. Since a little more than one year doing monthly trips except during the closures to Disneyland Paris has been the most therapeutic thing in my life. In one year Disneyland Paris has helped more than any other things in 10 years. At this day, Disneyland Paris is particularly therapeutic on my C-PTSD, depression and my social anxiety. Right! I’m currently missing some trips with this new closure. But now, I feel like I can be understand and I want to change for this psychiatrist because I’m sure that my psychiatrist doesn’t understand the therapy side of my trips to Disneyland Paris.

I recently shared a post where I explain why Disneyland Paris is a place to learn and not to forget everything for me and one year ago, I shared a few ways how doing trips to Disneyland Paris improve my mental health. Today, the list is much longer because when I written this list it was in my very first trips and I made more trips since, including living some heartbreaking closures and going in the parks during a pandemic. Wow! That’s crazy! Love this!



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