Disneyland Paris Diary Fall 2019

I spent my Disneyland Paris October therapy trip from last Monday to Wednesday. I was a good trip but it’s as much as my trip in September. But it’s ok because I knew before going who could not be as much therapeutic on my flashbacks and anxiety because the month of October is a really hard month, the worst of the year for my flashbacks because of anniversary of things in my past. It’s a little helped me to reduce my flashbacks but during my trip, they were a lot here but it was best than if I was stayed in my bed. I equally lived a thing who troubled me so much, I could talk below more.

I wanted trying something new for the recap of my trip and to do different than my previous trips recap. Usually, I share in different recaps by day with the serie of photos of each day. In the recap of this trip, I wanted to share the travel diary of this trip in one single post and sharing all my Fall/Halloween photos that I have from Disneyland Paris in a separate post. I wanted to try this way. You can tell me what you have to think of this new kind of recap in the comments below. It is more easy to read? Do you love it more?

Day 1.

A wake at 04h30 am and I took my usually TGV at 5h50 am. I went arrived at the gare station from Marne La Vallée at 08h48 am, I went left my luggage in the locker from the gare station and it was 09h00 am when I headed in Disneyland. I had the time to enjoy a little of Extra Magic Hours that my annual pass holder offers to me with less of peoples in the park. The weather was clear and I started my day by taking photos and shooting videos of the Halloween decor on Main Street USA. I headed to Fantasyland and doing my first attraction with It’s a Small World and no waiting time at 09h30 am. During I was on the way back to take a tour to the gallery of The Sleeping Beauty Castle a shower rain has started.

Right! The weather was bad during my trip, rain, wind, storm. I had no problems with this (even if I was sick when I was back home). I loved to explore Disneyland Paris under the rain. It was the first time during a Disneyland trip that the weather was so bad and I was surprised and amazed how Disneyland Paris has managed his activity during the rain. I have never before seen things work so good during that it was rainy outside. No shows were canceled, I had just two who have taken a different way that the usually ways. It was really good, the night show and parades were here. I thanks so much all peoples and cast members who work hard that all work the best even under the bad weather.

This first rainy time was fast finished and I’m headed to Frontierland to do a cruising time with The Thunder Mesa River Boat. I loved this cruising surrounded by the fall colors in the trees. Around 10h30 am, I headed at the Castle stage to watching my first Halloween show to Disneyland Paris “Are you brave enough?”. I watched multiple times this show during the three days because you probably know that at Disneyland, I love to sit down and watching the shows. Some days, I watched the five representations but it was not my favorite show, it was with some Disney villains but I was just here to listening the music and trying to enjoying the moment. After watching twice the show, I headed to Main Street USA to took place for Mickey’s Halloween Celebration at 12h30 pm. I loved more this Halloween show/parade than the show “Are you brave enough?”. This is a Halloween parade with a stop show on Central Plaza and the floats except this of Mickey were not my favorites but I loved the music and the ambiance that this parade gives. Doing twice by day, I enjoyed some sunny times on Central Plaza and an apple sauce before the second representation at 01h50 pm.

I haven’t eaten one meal during the three full days. I have really big troubles to eat these last months now and I’m bad to this. In three days, I have eaten three apple sauces and ten mini donuts and 1/3 of a cupcake. That’s all! I tried to continue drinking but I was no able to eat even Mickey shaped food. The positive side who happened to Disneyland is that I was able to be hungry, at home I never manage to be hungry even if I eat nothing and at Disneyland I was able. I was not able to eat even if I was hungry BUT I was able to be hungry. And that’s amazing! Because to have never hungry is really hard and not motivate to eat more.

After the second show, it was about 02h30 pm and I headed to pick up my luggage to the gare station and went check-in the hotel. I took the same that during my trip in September, Vienna House Dream Castle. I booked it less of 30 days before. I took a break because with a wake up at 04h30 am and I only slept two hours, and around 05h00 pm, I took the shuttle and I went back to the park for the night. I was a little worry at this moment because big rain, wind and storm were planned for the evening and I don’t know how Disneyland could manage to cancel/or not the night show and firework. But I headed and at 05h30 pm, I saw a bit of Disney Stars on Parade (I haven’t planned to saw it and take photos this day), I could enjoyed the music. The best!

The park closed to 08h00 pm and the night show is at the closing park. It was around 06h00 pm when I went to take place in front of the Castle to place me to watch the show like during my last trip. A woman was already placed alone and I come to sit not so far from her and when I sit down, she has started to push me, I didn’t understand why because she was alone and enough of place between us, she pushed more and more violent and started to tell me to move of her place, I didn’t understand why and tried to talk to her that she’s not alone in Disneyland and she started to push again and again so I abandoned and I went to place me farther. How I could know that she reserved the place for ten peoples who could come ten minutes before the show?! She doesn’t tell me, she started to push me.

I had a hard time to deal with this since and it’s troubled me all long during my trip. Not because of the disrespectful guests who can to have even towards the cast members who tell them some things for the safety. But! Because for the first time of my life I was able to talk and argued with an unknown and a person who doesn’t talk my language (she was German). I feel really troubled by this! How I was able to do this? I have social anxiety and I’m afraid to talk to peoples! It was the first time of my life! During my trip in September, I found Disneyland Paris like a good place to recovery from my social anxiety also. But I think that’s right! I argued to an unknown and without anxiety even if I abandoned at the end because she pushed me violently. I’m really perturbed how I reacted for the first time of my life and I feel an idiot sometimes. I don’t know! I haven’t totally again take back all my mind of this situation. Disneyland Paris a therapy place?!

Talking about the weather this night. It was crazy windy. They have canceled the firework but let the Illuminations on the Castle with the water jets. I was again troubled by what happened to me and the lady not so far from me but it was like even amazing. And to see Disneyland Paris who keep working their shows with a little change in function of the weather (it was clearly too windy for a firework), it was amazing. I was not disappointed by this. I stayed in the park by night and took photos by night before going back to the hotel around 11h00 pm and going to sleep.

Day 2.

It was hard to sleep but I was able to sleep 5 hours. It was better than two hours the previous night, I was surprised because I was not tired with the little that I slept. At 08h00 am, I headed to the Disneyland park for the Extra Magic Hours between 08h30 – 09h30 am and it was rainy but a slow rain, I went to do Peter Pan’s Flight before that the waiting line exceed 20 minutes. After, I grabbed a hot cocoa on Main Street USA before walking until Frontierland where I enjoyed the view during drinking my hot cocoa. I followed by taking photos and shooting videos of the Halloween decor in Frontierland, my DSLR was soaked because it’s started to rain more and at 09h30 am I headed to Phantom Manor. I love this attraction. Right! Because of my anxiety of skeletons, I closing always my eyes when there are skeletons but I love it.

Because of my physical condition, I’m not able to do a straight day from 08h30 am to 8h00 pm and more in the park, at 10h00 am, I went back to the hotel to take a break before heading back in the park around 12h00 pm and in time for Mickey’s Halloween Celebration. This day again I have done it twice. It was not rainy anymore and I went to watch the second show on Castle stage and I hanged a big part of the afternoon there. One hour before, I went to wait on Main Street USA for Disney Stars on Parade at 05h30 pm and right after I went to wait to watch the night show. And here.

There have the same women that the last night and when she looked me with a provocative side, I have done as I saw it for the first time. And I was decided to enjoy again this night. Watching the Castle starting to shinning is better than Netflix for me. The firework was here also this night because it was not too windy and not rainy at this moment. It was really hard at some moments during the night because she recognized me and she looked multiple times with a provocative side (and it was her who pushed me last night, me I haven’t touched it I just tried to talk to her) but I always done like if it was the first time that I saw it and the night was right. I hanged on Main Street USA by night before going back to the hotel.

Day 3.

It was the last day but I had again a full day in the park. I check-out the hotel around 09h00 am and on the way from the park, I left my luggage in the locker at the gare station and like on the first day I was able to enjoy a bit of Extra Magic Hours. But it was rainy! I enjoyed a hot cocoa on a side of the Castle with just the view in front of me and under the rain. I had a want to stay under the rain. I grabbed a cupcake also at Cable Car Bake Shop but I ate only 1/3. I walked a bit between Frontierland and the Castle, I waited to see Mickey and Minnie in their Halloween costumes and I went to watch the show on the Castle stage many times. Before heading to watch the Halloween parade.

The first parade of the day was ok but between the first and the second, it’s started to rain again and for the second they have kept it but shortened by delete the stop show on Central Plaza. It was cool like even! And again once I was happy to see Disneyland Paris who doesn’t cancel the show but change it in function of the weather.

I literally spent the rest of my afternoon between watching the show on Castle stage, Main Street USA and Discovery Arcade when I started to be a bit cold. 04h45 pm, I went wait for Disney Stars on Parade, it was not rainy at this moment but about 25 minutes before the parade it’s started and when the parade was there it was crazy rainy and more and more. The parade was again once maintained under the rain. And it was crazy but good also! And magic with the falling snow on the Frozen float at the end!

After the parade, I spent time on Main Street USA under the rain and I enjoyed walking down and the view until 07h00 pm. And I went take the way of the gare station. After three hours under a heavy rain, I started to be really wet and the next days back home I was sick but it’s totally worth it. I loved experimented Disneyland Paris under the rain these three days. I had my TGV back to 08h10 pm and I was at home at midnight.


Well! It was a special trip not so much therapeutic on my flashbacks and that’s ok because we’re October BUT I think socially, it was. I was able to assert myself in front of an unknown and disrespectful people for the first time of my life. It’s pretty hard to live that! And I’m always trying to adjust my mind on what I have done. Talking about the social goal that I launched me before the trip. I pretty good worked on it but because of the weather conditions, it was hard to work completely on it. But it was a success!


I shared a few photos to accompanied this travel diary but in a next post I could share more HALLOWEEN and FALL decor from Disneyland Paris. Soon. I’m off to give to my sister his gift because today it’s his birthday! Thanks for reading!


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