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I have done now multiple trips to Disneyland Paris with my annual pass holder and an of my favorite thing to do in the parks each time is to take photography and filming videos. It’s my favorite activity! I always take my big camera with me to be able to have the best of settings to take differents photos and filming in different ways. Today, I will share some photography tips that you can use for your next trip at Disneyland Paris. I learned and collected these tips during all my trips.

+ Materials. Currently, I’m using a Canon 200D with one lens 18-135mm. I love them! An of my favorite thing about the Canon 200D he has the wifi connection option so during breaks in the park I can easily transfer the photos on my phone the same day. To stay light, because it’s not fun to have heavy bags around the parks, I highly recommend taking just one lens. Think ahead about what kind of photos you want to take. My favorite lens is clearly a zoom lens because you can take some different kind of photos with one lens. You can take large photos of Main Street USA and details of the characters in the parades.

Because you will move a lot and the camera can touch or shocks because of the peoples around you who don’t care about your camera. Take a bag who protects good your camera and if you keep your camera in hands but don’t use it, place the lens cover.

Don’t forget to take an SD Card enough big to store all the photos that you will take.

Before going on your trip, look for inspiration. My favorite inspiration place is on Pinterest (I have a special Disneyland inspiration board herebut Instagram is also a good place to find inspiration with the ton of photos. Find inspiration could help you to find photos ideas but it’s could help you also to find what kind of photos you do not want to take.

+ Park Tips. You have over a multitude of possibilities of photos to take over the park. Between each land and the seasons who change and you can even playing with the bad weather from Paris to take new creative photos. Disneyland Paris offers you really a large possibility of photos.

My favorite tip is to sleep in a Disney hotel and going in the park during Extra Magic Hours. Opens one hour before the official doors. You can take photos with so much less of peoples. It’s really amazing! You can take photos with almost nobody on Main Street USA & in front of the Castle. You have access also to a big part of the lands and attractions.

Take some steps back or going in front of. Go back to capture large angles and landscapes of Disneyland but go in front also and search little details to take in photos. Little details are everywhere at Disneyland. Pay attention at the light in the parks. Play with the aperture to have the depth of field and shutter speed to play with the movement.

+ Castle Tips. To take photos with almost nobody in front by day it’s during the Extra Magic Hours and by night, you must wait after Disney Illuminations and that the park starts to get empty. Depending on some seasons, sometimes you must wait about 1h. They are a lot of peoples who want to take photos with the Castle by night. The Castle is beautiful under all his angles so don’t stay in front only, go around, on the sides and on the back. During the day on the two sides are some spots that you could take photos with almost nobody. Don’t go in the grass!

+ Parades Tips. My favorite is Disney Stars On Parade. To find the good spot for the parade, it’s depending of what kind of photos you want to take and what ambiance you want to have on the photos. Stroll in the park and search your favorite. The parade route is on the park plan. The POPULAR photos spot is on Main Street USA at the beginning of Main Street USA, in front of the kiosk, like that you can to have the Castle in the background. It’s effectively a good photo spot for together large plans and details on the characters or floats. But here, you need to go 1 hour before and Summer as Winter. But you have the best view in waiting! Another one to take into account, here the parade arrive around 15 minutes after his official hour departure. The time that she does her route until Main Street USA, it’s legitimate but I hear so many peoples around me, why the parade is not here at 17h30, she beginning from Fantasyland at 17h30 and, and at 17h45 on Main Street USA. But whatever or you pick your spot, you need to be in the first row and you need to arrive early around 30 minutes before the parade. I highly recommend to watch it one first time before photography it. You could have enjoyed it completely once time and it’s could help you to photograph it the next time. To take characters and details in photos during the parade a zoom lens is necessary.

+ Disney Illuminations Tips. It’s an of the hardest show to take in photos, between the night fireworks, illuminations on the Castle and water jets and considering that tripods are not allowed in Disneyland Paris as selfie sticks. It’s the most beautiful show but the hardest to take in photos.

The best of the best! I highly recommend to go in the very first row in the front of the Castle. But for this spot! You need to go about two hours before or depending on some seasons about when the Castle gallery is closing (it’s on the Disneyland Paris website the hours). The advantage when you’re in the very first row, you can eventually take a mini tripod that you can place on the ground to could to play with the shutter speed and it’s the best! But you need to have nobody in front of you. If not try to be on Central Plaza, facing the Castle. Don’t use the flash! Keep your ISO low to avoid noise and open the aperture.

+ Attractions Tips. Some attractions you could not take photos for safety reasons. But in the one that you could. The best to capture attraction rides is to play with the shutter speed of the camera to capture the movement. Take photos in dark rides is tough! But don’t use the flash! It’s can be damaging the decor and it’s couldn’t capture the reality of the attraction. Play rather with ISO and rise it if necessary.

+ Mickey Shaped food + Details + Enjoy the moment. Don’t forget to take photos of Mickey Shaped food. It’s so cute and amazing! If you have children don’t ask them all the time to pose but take just a few good photos and the rest of the time take them in photos in the real existing moments even if the photos are less perfect, it’s could be the best for the memories.

It’s can be a hard time to keep a balance between taking photos and enjoy the moment but when you have already taken some good photos try to put down a little your camera to enjoy the moment. What I love to do during a three days trip is to take photos with my big camera about the one and a half first day and the rest I put down more my big camera and use only my phone to take photos and videos. The quality could be less good but totally worth it to enjoy more the moment when I already managed to take the photos and videos that I planned in the first part of the trip.

+ Last tip: Each night, back at the hotel I highly recommend to save your photos took the day in your laptop that you keep at the hotel during the days. If you lost your camera or delete accidentally some photos during in the parks you could always have the photos of the previous days. It’s could be good that don’t save and lost all!


Hope that these photography tips could help you for your next trip to Disneyland Paris! Don’t forget to have fun during taking photos!


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