Disneyland Paris Photo Book

It’s a few years now that I keep and print my favorite photos in some yearly photo books. Previously, I have only done one book by year where I organized the photos by month with a mix of travel and everyday life photos. This year, I had a want to explore the way to create photos books for each travel that I have done, in more than my yearly photo books. I have chosen to print my photos in photos books because it’s decluttered and minimalism, and I have chosen only one big yearly photo book to keep again here minimalism. But during creating my last year photo book last year, I was frustrated do not be able to place more photos particularly of my travel in my yearly photo books. Right! This summer, I have decided to create a photo book for each travel that I have done in half of the first part of the year. And I was pretty satisfied and I loved! I want to keep going one yearly photo book and now some separate for each travel that I do. It permits me to lighten my yearly photo book and print more photos that I love of my travel. I love this idea!

I do my yearly photo books in portrait size, it’s better to keep organize and simple on shelves. When I started to think about my travel photo books over this summer, I had the desire to do my travel photo books in another size to differentiate them from my yearly books. I have chosen the square size and I love it! I love this size for my travel photo books. During the summer, I have done photo books for my ski trip in Alpe d’Huez in January, my solo trip in Paris in April and my family summer trip on the French Riviera in June. After my solo trip at Disneyland Paris in September, I had the want to do a photo book also but when I started booking trips there every month until the end of the year. My ideas were not clear for the exact photo book that I wanted for Disneyland Paris. It’s clear that to do a photo book for each trip every month, it was not minimalism. I kept aside and I thought! After my trip of October and with two trips ahead of planned before the end of the year. I have finally found the idea to wait to be back from all my trips and to reunite all my trips at Disneyland Paris this year in one big single photo book. I haven’t finished all my trips but in October, I have slowly started to create the photo book that I dream for my trips at Disneyland Paris. Creating a real photo book is not easy! I put weeks and sometimes months to create my photo books. I’m irritated by the phone apps who told you that you can create a photo book in 10 minutes. It’s not true! Or it’s not really a good photo book where you could love to look on it over and over. As a photographer, I have a lot of photos and hardly select the ones that I want to print in my photobooks. This works can take me more than one week already! I create and choose all the templates by myself and I make the written layouts separately on Photoshop to have all the designs that I want myself and this works can take me weeks in the function of how much I have to do. I creating and starting over and over until I’m satisfied! And until I feel that I could to love look over and over inside these books. Creating the first photo books yourself can be hard but after practicing a few, it’s getting easier and you know better how and what you want to place in your photo books. But it’s totally worth these weeks of work!

Right! Back to my Disneyland Paris photobook! I have worked on it since weeks and I knew how I finally wanted to it, back from my last trip in the beginning of December, I have managed to complete the photos and written layouts of this last trip in a few days to finally order it after to have wait since September to have Disneyland photos in a photo book. I got it in my mailbox last week and I’m so happy about it! I love it so much! I’m happy to have wait since September to print the photos of all my trips at Disneyland Paris in one photo book. Ok! The photo books of my other trips have about 30 pages, my Disneyland Paris photo book has over 100 pages and it was a hard selection because I love to place sometimes only one photo by page. I have all my trips that I have done at Disneyland Paris, the time when I have done one day trips at the beginning of the year and my overnights trips of these last months. It was a hard photo selection! Now, I think I will keep on this idea to create one yearly photo book and some for each travel that I do. Today, I will share a little peek inside the photo book of my trips at Disneyland Paris.

I create on the first page an introduction of big lines and I followed with the two next pages where I wanted to write all the parades & shows that I saw and attractions that I have done during all the trips. I have done too a top 15 favorite things of all my trips.

I introduced each trip by one or two pages in the function of how much days I spent on my trips, I journaled my days of what I have done. I added the dates at each day journaled. I love to keep photos layouts simple with one photo by page or four photos with two portraits and two landscapes photos in one page and sometimes I love to mix a page full of square photos but it’s rarely.

On the one last page, I decided to take a photo of all the programs of my trips.

It’s hard and it’s can take months but I love creating photo books! Right now, I’m looking on a way to display them on my shelves. And now, tell me do you print your photos? Do you print your photos in photo books?




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  1. Looks great! I’ve never done a photo book – I’ve always gotten prints of photos and then put them in a scrapbook myself. I think the next time I’ll do a photo book instead.

    • Thank you! A few years ago, I have done also scrapbook but since that I discovered photo books I love this so much more.

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