Disneyland Paris Photo Book 2020 Vol. 3

Here we go! I’m sharing the last and final photo book from Disneyland Paris in 2020. I previously shared the photo books Vol 1. and Vol 2. of my Disneyland Paris trips in 2020. Today, I’m sharing the last and Vol 3. It’s make me a bit sad that it’s the last post about these photo books, maybe because this last photo book includes my last trip since months and for months with this second closure who gets longer and with Disneyland Paris reopening who has been delayed at April 2, 2021. And again it’s not sure. Ok! It’s maybe for these reasons that it’s make me sad!

But here is a little peek inside the photo book! This photo book Vol 3. including my trips in September and October.

For this last Disneyland Paris 2020 photo book, at the final pages I shared a recap and overview of 2020 at Disneyland Paris, including my favorites photos that I took, what I loved the more about before and after the Covid measures. And some very final thoughts! To read more about my 2020 review at Disneyland Paris, you can check this post here where I talk about more.

That wraps! If you’re a Disney fan interested, check my recent photo book about Le Chateau de La Belle au Bois Dormant. Thanks for stopping by! Do you have created photo books recently?

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