Disneyland Paris Non-Scary Rides

I already talked about it thought different recap posts of my trips to Disneyland Paris that I’m not a scary rides lover. Let’s be real, attractions are not my favorite thing to Disneyland, I rather love watching parades, shows but that’s another story! I have never done big rollercoasters to Disneyland or elsewhere also. Whatever you have young children or you are an adult who don’t like rollercoasters, this following list of non-scary rides to Disneyland Paris is made for you.

I can’t confirm it but if you’re not a scary rides lover, Disneyland Paris is not the one park to launch in scary and fast rides. I heard so much that the rides and rollercoasters to Disneyland Paris going faster than in American parks. If a day I want to try rollercoasters, I think I could try before in the American parks the day when I could go in them.


Let’s starting rides adventures with a cruise around the world in IT’S A SMALL WORLD. In Fantasyland, it’s really the land with non-scary rides. You can take a flight in the air with DUMBO or a flight around London with PETER PAN’S FLIGHT. You can take a walk in the ALICE’S CURIOUS LABYRINTH, where if you go until the end, you can climb the tower and to have an awesome view on Fantasyland with the Castle. Tea time with the TEA CUPS. A little train tour with CASEY JR or a boat tour with LE PAYS DES COMPTES DE FEES. You have again BLANCHE NEIGE ET LES SEPTS NAINS (this ride can be a bit scary for very young toddlers), LE CARROUSEL DE LANCELOTS or LE VOYAGE DE PINOCCHIO. Fantasyland is my favorite land!


Welcome in the Far West! Start by taking a cruise on the THUNDER MESA RIVERBOAT and looking during the view around Frontierland. If you are not scared by ghosts and skeletons, go visit the PHANTOM MANOR. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of others things to do in Frontierland.


My favorite in Discoveryland is MICKEY’S PHILER MAGIC. You passing your tour on HYPERSPACE MOUNTAINS but you have next to AUTOPIA or ORBITRON. I can’t tell if it’s scary or not really but you have STAR TOURS, I have never done it but it’s in my plans in a future trip. I don’t think it’s scary but on the Disneyland Paris official website is not recommend it when you have headaches and like I have often headaches because of my medications, I haven’t tried it again but really want try it. BUZZ LIGHTYEAR BLAST is a highlight in Discoveryland but it is currently in renovation during the half of 2020.


Start Adventureland by take a tour in LE PASSAGE ENCHANTE D’ALADDIN and go exploring and take a relax walk surrounded by trees in ADVENTURE ISLE, climb in LA CABANE DES ROBINSON and finishing by riding PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN.


In the Studios, they are a lot of gentle and good rides also. My highlight recommendation is RATATOUILLE! Take a flight with ALADDIN FLYING CARPETS. If you have not height fears and you searching something with a little sensation, go on TOY SOLDIERS PARACHUTES. Take a wheel with CARS QUATRE ROUES. You can always check SLINKY DOG but I found this attraction really annoying (even Le Carrousel de Lancelot, I found it less annoying) because it’s always in round. A good ride who recently and definitively closed in the Studios was STUDIO TRAM TOUR, I loved this one. But it is definitely closed. A new ride with Cars is coming during Summer 2020 at this place. In the Studios, there is a lot of works planned for the next years, new attractions and lands are currently in works. Even a Frozen land with a lake is planned for 2024. It looks exciting!


That’s a list of the BEST attractions in Disneyland Paris when you’re a non-scary rides lover! Are you a non-scary rides lover or a rollercoasters lover?




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