Disneyland Paris in Photos – Part 2

Welcome back in a Disney post! My last day trip at Disneyland Paris was in March, I already shared some photos in a first post here. I have again some photos of my trip and today I wanted to share a bunch again for different reasons. Disneyland Paris is my happy place with mountains and skiing! Now that the ski season is over, I’m concentrating me more a lot on Disneyland. Another one is when I’m on some hard days like currently watching my photos and videos taken at Disneyland helps me to feel me a little better. It’s so precious to me! I have my next day trip in Disneyland Paris this summer, I already started to plan this day. And! Since I’m back of Paris I thought what I want to do like a second solo trip this year, I immediately thought to go at Disneyland Paris. And! I’m happy to say that the past weekend I booked my first trip in solo with many nights in Disneyland Paris for September. I love to go on a day and want to do a few day trips again this year but in just one day I miss things, like the parade, night show,… and Disneyland Paris is just the place where I want to go again this year. I have no other place where I want to travel in solo right now for this year! I’m excited!

I’m currently in the thought to take an annual pass holder also, like I have one day in summer, many days in September and I want to go at least once in Halloween season and Holiday season. I equally could to choose to go once by month instead of my psychiatrist visits but I did not have taken this decision again. But with the numbers of days that I planned to go, I could to take an annual pass holder! It’s not cheap! But I would love to invest in it. The bonus of my decision is with an annual pass holder, there are extra magic hours in the mornings. It could be really good because the Disneyland Paris parks open at 9h30am and my train arrive at 8h00 so I’m waiting about 1h30. I could do some photos with less of peoples in the parks and one hour in more when you go just on one day trip is to take into account. So, this is one thing who makes my choice to buy me an annual pass holder this month. I can’t wait and I already started to count the day until my next day trip in June but before to add again more photos who could be taken during this trip. A few photos from my day trip to the parks in March that I haven’t shared in my first post.


I’m off on the Disneyland Paris youtube channel to discover things about the parks. Do you love to go at Disneyland or in any Disney parks in function from where you live?


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