Disneyland Paris Fall Video

I shared the dairy and some Fall & Halloween decor photos of my October trip to Disneyland Paris. Now, it’s time to share my videos.

I have always fun to take videos to Disneyland Paris even if it’s some challenges to switch from photos to videos during a show. I have to need to see many times the same shows to capture enough of photos and videos. But no matter! I love watching shows so it’s always fun. My favorite thing!

On my September trip video, I started to work on a cinematic look, it was hard but I loved working on this new look in my video. For the video of this trip, I knew also that I wanted to work again on a cinematic look video.

I worked so much during this trip and I’m glad because I have done so many progress and I managed my goal to have shallow depth of field in my videos. It’s a technic that I dreamed to manage to do in my videos because before I have never managed and I love to do it in my photos.

Well! I have two videos, the first my Halloween cinematic video of my trip and the second is the video of Mickey’s Halloween Celebration, the Halloween parade to Disneyland Paris. It’s now something that I love to do, it’s to create some separate videos for the shows. To could watching again and again the shows at home. Halloween watching!

Have you been to Disneyland during Halloween season? Thanks for reading!




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