Disneyland Paris Diary • September 2020

Last week, I’m back from my September trip at Disneyland Paris, I was there from Wednesday 9, to Friday 11. Right! It was the perfect week to make an of my dream comes true, watching sunset. Of the many trips that I have already done at Disneyland Paris, I have never been able to watch a real sunset just because the weather doesn’t permitted me, even if it was sunshine in the day, it was cloudy in the night and I have never saw a sunset behind the Castle. After one year of dream of this, it finally happened, it made my trip.

It was also the perfect week for another reason, since his reopens Disneyland Paris closed at 08h00 pm and this closing hour doesn’t permits to see the Castle at night. This past week was just the week for it between sunset hours and because since this week Disneyland Paris has shortened her hours again and the park closes at 06h00 pm now. It’s sad! And could to have watch the Castle at night for the first time since March even without the night show, was a show. It was the best part of my trip! I’m so grateful to have booked this week in September because I booked it before that Disneyland Paris announced shortened her hours.

The frequentation at Disneyland Paris is pretty hard since that French peoples has been back to school since the beginning of September. Usually, at this time it’s the international peoples who take place in the park. But the Seine et Marne where is placed Disneyland Paris has been recently placed in red zone for a high circulation of the virus and a lot of country like UK, Belgium, Germany, and more ask to peoples a quarantine when they are back of a red zone from France. I’m so sad that Disneyland Paris is in this zone because it’s next to Paris and Paris is high in population so high in circulation of the virus but because the safety rules at Disneyland Paris are extremely stricts and seriously, cast members are always here to make respected the mask rule. It makes me sad for the frequentation that Disneyland Paris is in red zone imposing quarantine at all countries around the France because it’s probably the most safe place of France and where the safety rules are the most respected.

Disneyland Paris is so seriously in the current safety measures that after to have tried but decided do not take risks. They have definitely canceled the two first shows who has and been supposed to start back in August for The Lion King and Jungle Festival. I was supposed to could watch two shows going on this trip in September but finally I saw anyone.

If you have read the diary of my trip in August, you know that my trip last month was pretty hard because no therapeutic on my flashbacks. This one was better, it was always pretty hard and not as much as therapeutic than the previous that I have done before the lockdown because it miss me the life of the parades/shows in the park but this trip was twice better than this in August. I had a lot but less of flashbacks like even.

Oh! And I told an of my dream that I got since one year comes true, watching sunset. And could see the Castle at night for the first time since the reopening was so emotional. It was amazing! I miss always so much the fact that there no parades and shows but these two things made my trip magical. And for this month I try to stay on this positive note. Right!

This trip, this month marks also a special date. It’s one year ago in September last year that I have done my first overnights trip at Disneyland Paris and it’s particularly after this trip that I found Disneyland Paris like a therapy place and I decided to get back monthly. When in September last year, I set the goal to go back monthly until the end of the 2019 year, I can’t believe always today when I think that I have done it. Despite the four months closure during this past year and the current difficult time, Disneyland Paris brings me so much good on different sides. The current situation is hard, the no parades and shows situation is really hard for me but in real I have no doubt that Disneyland Paris could be therapeutic during the next months. I really hope that the parades and shows could be back fast but in waiting I just realized that I have checked off some things that I dreamed to do at Disneyland Paris and that I probably could not have done if the current situation couldn’t be like that. Right! That’s the conclusion! Let’s sharing my days in the parks now!



Wake up at 04h15 am to take my first train at 05h45 am and my TGV connection at 07h00 am to arrive at Marne La Vallée at 10h00 am. I left the luggage in the locker at the gare station and headed in the park.

The welcome from Mickey and friends at the Main Street USA gare station under the music of the reopening. I stayed a time to enjoy this moment and to take photos. First attraction, I have done It’s A Small World, next Peter Pan’s Flight and Pirates Of The Caribbean and take my sandwich lunch with a view on the Castle and a mini-cavalcade who passing.

Around 12h00 pm, I took the way of the Walt Disney Studios park to do Ratatouille and Stitch Live. It was the first time that I’m doing Stitch Live, it was cool and fun. And living in some squares for social distance.


Around 01h30 pm, I picked up my luggage at the gare station and go check-in the hotel room. Around 03h00 pm, I left the hotel room and go back in the park. I arrived in time just for the mini-parade with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Stitch. After I grabbed a Mango Whip for snack and I took a break in Discovery Arcade during waiting for golden hours. At 06h00 pm, I took a walk in Frontierland and done Phantom Manor and headed back on Central Plaza to sit there for the two and a half hours to watching sunset and staying until the last minutes around 08h50 pm (the park closed at 08h00 pm) to watching the Castle in the night. It was amazing! After so much watching the Castle my eyes hurted me of magic. It’s totally worthed it! I headed back at the hotel room.


Waking up early to going in the park during Extra Magic Time. Arriving in the park, it was a sweet surprise, except of the “Good Morning” waving of the characters. The first pumpkins has appeared overnight on Main Street USA. Halloween decor are already since a few days in Frontierland but it was the first pumpkins on Main Street USA. It was cool! I dreamed to see these overnight transitions in Halloween or Christmas decor but I could never have booked a trip in these transitions times because it usually the times where there is less of shows. There no shows currently and they placed the Halloween decor early. It’s sad! But it’s permitted me to realize this dream that I could never have booked in these transition times. It’s an of thing like that when I talk about checked off some things of my bucket list and that only this situation could permits me. Finding the good! I’m working on it!

I grabbed a hot cocoa like breakfast and I hanged on Town Square to take photos of the characters go down and up of the Main Street USA gare station. Later, I headed to do some attractions with Peter Pan’s Flight, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Autopia, Phantom Manor and for the first time I have done The Mysteres Of Nautilus. In real, it’s a bit scary because it’s in the dark with weird noise.

Grabbed maybe an of the last Mickey milkshake of the season and taking a break in the calm. Watching the mini-parade later and waiting again for golden hours to watching sunset and Castle in the night. Wahoo! That’s wrap this day!


Heading in the park during Extra Magic Time again. But before I grabbed my first hot cocoa of the season at Starbucks. I standed again on Town Square to take photos of the characters. And! More pumpkins has appeared overnight again on Main Street USA. It was cool! I have done a few attractions and for the first time (I have done a few new attractions this time, yes, some are not news but before I have never really wanted doing these ones) I have done Pinnochio. And here now, I know where to find a firework at Disneyland Paris in waiting that Disney Illuminations could be back. Ok! It’s not a real! But it is that, in Pinocchio ride.

Later, I took the time to look and take photos of the Halloween decor already in Frontierland. Oh! And I enjoyed slow time in the park until 06h30 pm where it was time that I take the way from the gare station to take my TGV back home at 07h00 pm and I had my train connection at 22h20 pm. And I was back home SO TIRED around mid night. I was so physically exhausted by these three days because before going on this trip, I have done four nights in the row where I haven’t slept almost of all the nights. I was so tired. The next day back home, I slept almost all day.

That wraps the diary of my September trip at Disneyland Paris. Thanks for stopping by!


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