Disneyland Paris Diary • March 2020

Introduction: There is about one week, I was back from a solo trip to Disneyland Paris during four days. I was supposed to go from 16th to 19th on this trip but of the fact of the current situation with the Coronavirus, I decided to the last minutes to move it and go early. I was not special anxious about the virus but day after day, I was anxious that they could take the decision to close it with already three on six Disneyland parks of closed in the beginning of March. In first time, Disneyland Paris welcomed their guests like usually because it’s not considered like a confined space. But at this time, I was to two weeks from my trip and the situation changed every day so I decided to move early my trip. It’s the first time that I moved early a trip like that, it was a little destabilizing in first time, I changed the hotel and my train tickets. All that! By changing at the last minutes, I haven’t exactly chosen the days, I took when there was space in hotel and trains who were almost every day full booked. I went from Friday 6th to Monday 9th. I usually avoid weekends because there is much more peoples but I took these dates. I do not see me waiting two weeks and see if the park is again opens because I was in some hard mental health days these past weeks and I needed some Disneyland therapy.

I spent an amazing trip with some epic experiences again because of the weather conditions. The important note, during my trip except because sometimes of the weather conditions all worked good. The day after I came home, they have started to close the Princess Pavillon and a few restrictions, again two days later all shows (even outdoor has been completely canceled), Disney Stars On Parade, Disney Illuminations, Frozen Parade and a few others are totally canceled. Thursday in the night, they have officially announced that Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort could be closed until the end of March. Well! I think it was a good option to move my trip early to be able to going to Disneyland Paris.

On another side, I totally loved switching this trip early not only because these have been four amazing days for my mental health who was really bad lately but I discovered some new things over the park that I could not have discovered outside these dates.

I dealt with another last minutes perturbation change. My TGV direct at this moment was always under track modernization work so I had to take another train journey to go to Disneyland Paris with a connection and two different trains. It was something who anxious me a bunch but when on the previous day of my travel departure, a TGV has derailed on the TGV line that I was supposed to take. I was so anxious who cancel my TGV but it has just delayed because the high speed line was not praticable so the TGV has took the regular line where they go slower and on the journey to Disneyland Paris and the journey home fours day later, my TGV has had about 35 minutes of delays. I can tell that’s ok! But to see the TGV derailed just the day before I must took it so it’s not already my usual TGV line, it give me so much anxiety! These was a few important notes before my trip! Now let’s a look on my Disneyland Paris trip diary!

To protect me the maximum of the virus, I took an anti-bacterien gel (Disneyland Paris had some in free service also in restrooms and shops), I used about four times by hour when I was outside, after each attraction, parades, restaurants or public things that I touched. I was not specially anxious about the virus, the only time that I was anxious about it was after Disney Illuminations where all peoples are stuck together or in the shuttle back to the hotel at night. By precaution, I decided I avoid a few confined attractions like Phantom Manor but that’s all!

Now, all the Disney parks around the world are closed together! This is a first time in the history! It’s also only the third time in almost 28 years that Disneyland Paris is closed. First time, it was in 1999 because of a mega storm who has touched the France, the second time, it was after the terror attack to Paris in November 2015. Here, all parks both, it’s totally crazy but maybe necessary! Because during my trip, any peoples had some respect to protect themselves and peoples around against the Coronavirus, they acted like normally and touched you without any respect.


DAY 1.

Right! With my usual TGV direct, I leave the gare station around 05h42 am and arrive to the gare station of Marne La Vallée (next to Disneyland Paris), at 08h48 am. With the travel journey that I had to do I left the gare station at 06h00 am with my first train, took my second train around 07h35 am and with the delays, I’m arrived around 10h35 am to the gare station of Marne La Vallée and the time to let my luggage in the locker at the gare station, I was in the park around 10h45 am, just in time for the first Frozen 2 An Enchanted Journey parade of the day at 11h00 am.

Have you seen my Disneyland Paris diary in February? I was there during the powerful days of the Storm Ciara who has touched the Europe. Right! During this trip, the weather was better but it was a lot rainy like even and I had a few Frozen parades of canceled and some only the stop show has been canceled. And on the last day, I had the most epic parade, check out below in day four. But during this trip, I have managed to see a bunch of Frozen parades compared to the last trip and any Disney Stars On Parade and Disney Illuminations has been canceled in four days. I feel fully happy! The funniest thing about the Frozen parade who is presented four times in day normally is that it’s starting to rain when the parade starts and when they decide to cancel it, it’s stopped to rain until the next parade. It was totally crazy with this weather!

I watched the Frozen parades at 11h00 am and 12h00 pm, after I headed in the Walt Disney Studios to watching Mickey and the Magician, done Ratatouille in Single Rider and right after, I went check-in the hotel. And I was back in the park around 03h00pm. I was supposed to watch the Frozen parade at 04h00 pm but despite of the bright sun at this moment it has been canceled but this time not for weather conditions but technical problem. Ok. I strolled on Main Street USA before take the spot to filming Disney Stars On Parade with my DSLR for my project video.

During this trip, I was able to work on some projects videos that I have that I was not able in February because the shows were canceled with the weather conditions and it makes me so happy to have been able to work on it during in the parks. I love working on videos projects! And again more to Disneyland Paris! After the parade, I went wait for Disney Illuminations and practiced the best meditation, looking on the Castle who starting to sparkle in the night during listening the loops. I headed back to the hotel with a heart full of magic! And on this following night, I was able to fight a new anxiety! I always keep the light on during my solo trip in the hotel room to sleep because I’m too anxious but for the first time ever on this night, I was able to sleep in the complete dark! And after to have had some hard times to sleep these past weeks with big nightmares, I slept my first calm night since a long time ago. It was amazing that!


DAY 2.

I started this day early in the middle of the Extra Magic Hours. I took a hot cocoa and walked around the park. It was sunny at this time! I had a goal also! I wanted to try to go more around characters spots and take them in photos. I have managed to take Pluto, Donald, Chip and Dale. I’m happy of this project! I have never taken the characters in photos during walking in the park and it’s something that I loved and that I want to start again.

A dream come true on this morning also! Photograph cherry blossoms in Disneyland Paris. It’s so beautiful! Back on Main Street USA, it was St David day and they were a lot of celebration to Disneyland Paris about this day. First, a music band with Whales music on Town Square. Later, on the day I enjoyed some music in the Videopolis, there is had even some school from Whales who are coming to performing on stage for this day. At night time, there had a special firework for the St David before Disney Illuminations, the Castle in green was beautiful! Between these and Frozen parades and Disney Stars On Parade, it’s rhytmed this day. In the middle, I stopped to eat a Mickey Nutella Waffle in the Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant.



DAY 3.

Welcome International Women’s Day! When I changed the dates to the last minutes, I haven’t noticed that I was in the International Women’s Day. It was really cool! I got a free button at the entrance park and they had done an amazing pre-show on the Castle before Disney Illuminations.

I hanged in the park during Extra Magic Hours, where for the first time of the trip I have a done attractions in the row like Peter Pan’s Flight, Le Carousel de Lancelot, Dumbo and I drove a car for the first time of my life with Autopia. One new attraction in my book! All day, I just hanged in the park watching Frozen parades, Disney Stars On Parade in the afternoon, I spent a few times in the Videopolis and at night I practiced meditation first in front of the Castle before watching the second pre-show in two days previous Disney Illuminations. I take back to the hotel to sleep later. All slow day!


DAY 4.

On this last day I have my trains at 07h00 pm so I have a good day in front of me again. I headed during Extra Magic Hours and after to have drink a hot cocoa on Main Street USA, I strolled in the park like I love early in the morning. The weather was beautiful and sunny! I launched a challenge to see if I could to spent my first day without any rain to Disneyland Paris since September. The challenge has failed when the first Frozen parade has arrived at 11h00 am. It’s instantly started to rain! The stop show has been canceled! But the craziest was the second parade at 12h00 pm, they have canceled it in the middle of the show, they stopped the float and let go down the performers under the rain, the float has continued his route without performers and music. It was crazy epic! It was kind of fun this experience! The weather is totally crazy because the Frozen parade at 03h00 pm happened fully and under a bright sun and the one one hour later has been totally canceled because it was rainy. One hour later again at 05h00 pm, it was not anymore rainy and Disney Stars On Parade happened. I hanged on the park on a slow day between all this, I went drink a hot cocoa in the Cafe Fantasia, watching Mickey’s Philar Magic and try to avoid the call of my mom if I feel always good because of the virus and the stress to know if I could miss or not my connection train because of the delay of my TGV because the high speed track was always not praticable. Right! That’s right! I was back home at mid-night normally!

That’s wrap the travel diary of my solo trip to Disneyland Paris in March. Thanks for reading!



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