Disneyland Paris Diary • July 2021

Last week, I was back at Disneyland Paris for my July trip. I was there exactly from July 19, to July 22. During this trip, I was able to be back in my window of tolerance after to be out of it since that I was back from my trip at the reopening in June. It was amazing!

On July 21, the mandatory “health pass” has started in Disneyland Paris. The french government has announced this new “health pass” on July 13, for a start on July 21, in theme parks and public spaces with more than 50 peoples. When it has been announced my trip was already booked in these dates, but I’m fully vaccinated, right, I don’t wanted to change my dates. On Monday and Tuesday, before the starts of the “health pass”, the park was at full capacity. Right! It was many mixed emotions seeing so many peoples. The park has a limited capacity for social distances but at the full of this capacity, it was already so much peoples and not a lot of social distances. In first I was anxious, because it was the first time since March 2020 that I saw so many peoples and it was just anxious. But it’s given me so much good tears also. It was so good to see the park with so many peoples. Peoples from outside the France are back also and it was so good to see that.

I experimented my first ride with peoples in front and behind me without social distances in Pirates Of The Caribbean. It was such anxious but good in the same time. Everywhere there was so many peoples. It was definitively so many mixed emotions between anxious and good. But I think, this is an adaptation to have to see the park with so many peoples again. And the surprise is that on Wednesday and Thursday, even if the park was not at capacity, despite the start of the “health pass” the park has had a good and high attendance. I have nothing against the “health pass” if it helps to do not close all the things again. But I was anxious that it’s could reduce significantly the park attendance, it’s stay to confirm in the coming weeks, but apparently the park attendance stays high. Mask and social distances were always mandatory at the moment of my trip everywhere.

To stay about all the emotions. I watched my first show in a theater during my trip for the first time since March 2020. Since July 1, has started a brand new show called Disney Junior Dream Factory in the Walt Disney Studios Park, this is the first time that I saw one show at Disneyland Paris (or even everywhere) since March 2020. The tears that I got just at the show announcements and I cried in the middle of the show. It was so amazing! A bit of anxiety was always here to see also for the first time since March 2020 so many peoples in a closed space. But social distances were there, Disneyland Paris has placed many announcements to encourage to respect of the safety measures and the Cast Members were present that all the peoples wear their masks. But I have no words to tell the tears that it was to watch one show again. I watched four times the show in four days, and each time it was the same tears.

On the weather side, I got a beautiful big heat wave temperatures during the four days with more than 30 degrees Celsius. Heat waves temperatures are not easy, and again less when you walk all day around the park. But if it was hard, it was also ok. Because previously this, I had two weeks of cold and rainy days at home (not a normal weather for July), right, I was just happy that it was hot and sunny.

On this trip, most of my days were made by starting with one morning meditation in the hotel room and grab a Starbucks drink to enjoy slow mornings in the parks. Going at the Walt Disney Studios Park every day to catch at least one show. Some afternoons to doing attractions, but not a lot because with so much peoples in the parks the waiting times were at least 30 minutes to almost every attraction, a first time since the pandemic closures. Right! I took a lot of breaks also because it was very hot. On the two first evenings I spend some sunset walks in the park who currently closes at 09h00pm. It was awesome! One evening, I took a cocktail drink in the new awesome Skyline bar. In the middle of the third day, the hot temperatures plus my emotional fatigue hit me and I was not able to stay until the park closure hours. It’s makes me a bit sad and angry, but I decided to come back in the early afternoon to rest the rest of the day in the hotel room. Side transportations, I got some delays in my first train on the way to Disneyland Paris and on the way back home I had my TGV who got a delays of 30 minutes and I missed my train connection, but I have managed to get the next train and got only 30 minutes of delays at the arrival. Below a list of my favorite things about this trip, before wraps this Disneyland Paris diary with photos.

-Be back at Disneyland Paris.

-Watching Disney Jr Dream Factory, my first show and going for the first time in a theater since March 2020.

-Drink the cocktail in the Skyline Bar at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art Of Marvel.

-The two sunset evenings walks in the Disneyland Park.

-The soft ice cream from Fantasia Gelati.

-The last morning to enjoy attractions during Extra Magic Time.

-Starbucks mornings drink.

-Discover more pop up surprises appearances in the Walt Disney Studios Park.

-Seeing a lot of peoples in the parks.

-Mornings meditation session in the hotel room.


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