Disneyland Paris Diary • February 2020

I’m back from my trip to Disneyland Paris! First trip in two months! It was a crazy trip! But despite of all the different problems there was before and during this trip. All the magic was here! I was so surprised!

First thing: I was supposed to leave home on Sunday 9 and back home on Tuesday 11. But! My TGV has been canceled not because of the strike who touched France since more than two months but because of track modernization on my TGV line. All the TGV daily scheduled during many weeks are canceled. Right! I learned about one week before the departure date. I had a few talk with my parents and like the TGV are canceled during many weeks, they have proposed me to drive me. We leave home on Saturday 8 morning and we back home on Wednesday 12 afternoon and I had three days in the park.

But! Second thing: I was to Disneyland Paris during the powerful days of the storm Ciara who has touched Europe this past week. Right! It was crazy! But! Really crazy! I have stopped to count how many shows has been canceled because of the bad weather. Some big rain, some wind more than 80km/h. In reality, in three days, I had six on twelves Frozen 2 An Enchanted Journey show canceled, two shows they have canceled the stop show on Central Plaza and the last day I saw the four complete shows of the day but two have finished under some rain. I waited it since two months but two on three Disney Stars on Parade have been canceled, I could see it only once. One Disney Illuminations show was completely canceled, the second they was here but only the mapping and water jets (no firework) and the last night, the wind was more calm and permitted the firework.

On this trip, I learned to enjoy the shows canceled soundtrack from Disneyland Paris. Of course I was disappointed of these cancellations but I finally found that it can be kind of fun to walk under the hail and wind storm during listening to the soundtrack in multi-languages that the shows are canceled. I’m serious! Well! I was just back home with a big cold. I don’t know how Disneyland can make it that fun! Right! I was really disappointed also, particularly on the second day when Disney Stars on Parade has been canceled for the second day in the row and I waited since so long. BUT! I know that Disneyland Paris done the best to do the shows who were possible with this storm conditions. From my past trips, I know that they cancel only that when it’s really dangerous. The security is number one in Disney parks and I lived already some parades under some crazy rain so I know that if they have canceled it was too much dangerous. But of course, I was also disappointed!

The other thing that I had to deal with is my planning. I went on this trip with in the mind to go back at home with two videos to editing. I prepare me always a planning and list of spots from where I want to shoot my videos but with all the cancellations, I was destabilized and I didn’t know anymore where to place me (even if I write it on papers) when I placed me to shoot on Central Plaza, it’s at some moments that the shows didn’t stop. Right! I finally decided to enjoy the shows like that without shooting in view of these circumstances. And if I’m sad because I’m back home without to have two videos to editing. I pretty loved these kinds of days! I tried to wait and adapt me when they canceled the shows, it was some calm kind of days where I have done one thing after another. I want always to prepare me some planning to shooting videos on my next trips to Disneyland Paris but I could have an attention when I plan my trips to plan some calm days where I could do what I want to do only once there. I discovered a new kind of day to Disneyland that I pretty love it!

At this moment to Disneyland Paris, they have done an all new Frozen Celebration and in the Walt Disney Studios it’s the Legends Of The Force season. I heard so bad reviews from Disneyland Paris Annual Pass Holder that I follow on Instagram on this Frozen Celebration but I do not agree. Right! It’s not the biggest show but it’s good for a Winter season. I love the music and I found the duration good. Because if they make big shows and it’s for canceled them often because of the Winter weather conditions. It’s not worth it! Even if I had a lot of shows canceled by day, I love the Frozen 2 An Enchanted Journey show.


Well! I wanted to pay one entrance one day to my parents in the park like they drive me but they do not wanted to it because of the weather conditions. Right! I went with my parents in car but I was in solo in the parks, they keep rest in the hotel like they love it.


DAY 1.

We arrived on Saturday night but day one park was Sunday.

I get up early to be in the park during Extra Magic Hours. First walk on Main Street USA and it was so good to walk down until the Castle and my smell sens was at 100%, I never smell so much flavors on Main Street USA before. I grabbed a hot cocoa like breakfast and going in Fantasyland to do a few attractions. I started with Peter Pan’s Flight, followed with Dumbo, Tea Cups and I went in Frontierland and I have done Phantom Manor and the Thunder Mesa RiverBoat has reopened the day before after a renovation.

I walked back on Main Street USA to wait for the first Frozen 2 An Enchanted Journey show at 11h00 am. This one was here but they have canceled the stop show because of the wind and I was not a the right place so I don’t saw a lot but I heard the music that I right loved it. And it was so good to hear again a soundtrack in Disneyland after two months! In waiting of the second show at 12h00 pm, I went to do It’s A Small World and the wind has increased and has canceled all the next three shows of the day. Right! I was a bit destabilised and I tried to continue my planning as I could so I went in the Walt Disney Studios to see Star Wars shows. The Star Wars shows were here despite of the big wind.

Around 02h00 pm, I took the shuttle to rejoin my parents to check-in the hotel. Because we have done last minutes booking with the changes and we had three different hotels in four days. I left my parents and around 03h30 pm, I was back in the park for the Disney Stars on Parade at 05h00 and Disney Illuminations at 7h00 pm but that unfortunately have been canceled because the wind was again more powerful and the Disneyland Paris Fire Department was even outside to protect some spaces. The Castle was closed! All trash was down to not fall down! I took a moment in the Videopolis to watching some Mickey movies because in first I don’t know if Disney Illuminations was again canceled but around 06h00 pm they have canceled so I decided to leave early the park because the wind increased again. BUT! Before, leaving the park I realized something of this day. Usually, I’m afraid by storm and wind but I spent all day outside in the storm and I was not afraid to Disneyland Paris. It was a first time do no be afraid!

Back at the hotel, I went to sleep early.


DAY 2.

Wake up early for Extra Magic Hours. This morning, it was bit sunny but always a lot of wind when I arrive in the park, the Castle was always closed (and closed for the rest of my trip), I took a breakfast in a restaurant of Main Street USA and I headed to do a few attractions with Pirates Of The Carribean, Blanche Neige et Les Septs Nains. I strolled slowly to wait if today the first Frozen show of the day could be present. It was here! The second also was here but without the stop show.

I went to watching Mickey Philar’s Magic and it’s started to rain powerful the two afternoon Frozen shows were canceled. At the place, I went to eat a Nutella Mickey Waffle at Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant and spent some times in the Videopolis again to wait the parade. And at some moments it was sunny despite of the wind, 30 minutes before the parade it’s started to rain powerful and hail. The parade was canceled! Right! I decided to drink a hot cocoa in Cafe Fantasia and I edited some photos during outside it was rainy. I spent a good long time there! At 06h00 pm, I was back in the park to see if Disney Illuminations could be here. It’s stopped to rain a bit but always a lot of wind and it was not sure until 15 minutes before. But I love waiting and watching the Castle starting to shinning despite of the weather. Right! I finally could see an of my favorite show at Disneyland Paris. The firework was not here always because of the wind but I was right with this. The firework is not the only thing that I love with this show. I come back at the hotel under the rain again and with a big average of magic.


DAY 3.

I was outside around 08h30 am and I went to take a breakfast at Starbucks in Disney Village. I headed in the Walt Disney Studios after. I went to do Ratatouille (my favorite attraction) and I went wait for the first Frozen Musical Invitation of the day. After. I headed back in Disneyland park where I saw a bit of the Frozen 2 An Enchanted Journey show at 11h00pm. Waiting and strolling with hot cocoa in hands until the show at 12h00pm. The weather was better like even on this last day despite that it was rainy at some moments and big wind was again present. After the second, I decided to take another hot cocoa and strolling around Fantasyland and Adventureland. It was nice and calm, there are less of peoples around Adventureland and a lot of characters in the park. I loved to walk around. Go back on Central Plaza to wait the next shows of the Frozen 2 An Enchanted Journey, the two at 03h00 pm and 4h00pm were here but have finished under the rain. But it was good!

Now, I started to be so anxious for the parade, it was a bit rainy and after the cancellations of the two previous days, each second who passed I was so anxious when FINALLY at 05h00 pm. The Disney Stars on Parade was here. I felt so good! It was so good to saw it again! After the parade, I had a happiness that rarely I’m able to have. I have done a few shops and I headed to wait for Disney Illuminations. The surprise who added magic at this day. The firework was here today despite that some wind was again here. I wrapped these days in the park with magic! I could have loved to watch at least two times Disney Stars on Parade but I felt not mad about this trip and all the cancellations. I was happy!!!

I rejoined my parents at the hotel and taken the road back home next morning.


It was an epic trip and with a different touch since the beginning with my TGV canceled and not going alone and with the storm Ciara who came. After two months, it was so good to be back and I learned a few things that I want to introduce in my next Disneyland Paris trips over the year. I could not take all of photos and shooting videos that I wanted to but it was a magical trip. That wraps this recap! Thanks for reading!




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