Disneyland Paris Diary • December 2021

A few days before Christmas I headed to Disneyland Paris for a very special trip. My birthday trip!

I’m arrived in the evening of December 19, this night I headed to discover for the first time the recently reopened Disney’s Hotel Sequoia Lodge, I stopped by the bar to drink a hot cocoa in a very mountains and cozy Christmas atmosphere and I spent a bit of time in Disney Village and I went check-in my hotel. I stayed at the Magic Circus Hotel. This is a hotel that I pretty love and I haven’t stayed here since before the pandemic.

On December 20, it’s my birthday and I headed to the parks. I spent the day to rediscover the Castle totally unboxed and refurbished for the first time. The work done is incredible. The Castle is shining! I spent my birthday to watch the Christmas parade by day and night. I watched Let’s Sing Christmas show, I headed to the Walt Disney Studios Park to watch Disney Dream Factory show also. And in the early night, I went back to the hotel to rest.

Because the next day was one VERY SPECIAL day and the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT. On December 21, at 10h00pm, the night firework show – Disney Illuminations was back for the first time since March 2020. It was so emotional! It was such a hard day because of my current mental breakdown but an amazing also. To be able to make it until so late in the night, I spent the day to relax in the hotel room where I watched a beautiful sunrise, listening Christmas calm music and just relaxing. It was the best thing for my nervous system. I headed to the park around 05h00pm with a beautiful sunset. I watched the Christmas night time parade and followed by Disney Illuminations. It was not a long day in the park but such a big day. It was a special day.

The next day was my last day. A frozen temperatures Christmas day. I spent some time in the parks and watched some shows before heading to take my TGV back home in early evening.

It was such a crazy trip! It was the first time that I spent my birthday at Disneyland Paris and it was the first time that I’m doing something big for my birthday. Rediscover the Castle totally unboxed and watching Disney Illuminations who is back were my favorite things and the best birthday gifts of my life. Without forget watching again the Christmas parade.

On this trip, I spent a lot of time to work on my healing journey, it’s what made the trip harder and crazier. I have done a lot of healing work, it’s such difficult and amazing in the same time.

That wraps this birthday-Christmas trip to Disneyland Paris. Thanks for stopping by!



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