Disneyland Paris Diary • August 2021

I’m back from my recent Disneyland Paris trip. What an emotional rollercoaster trip!

This trip makes me realized to what breaking point of an emotional and physical fatigue I’m in since months. At the end of this trip, I decided to take real decisions to make new routines to get rest of this emotional and physical fatigue. Because I can’t anymore. I had some emotional breakdowns moments many times during the fours days of my trip. And it’s never happened that I have emotional breakdowns moments during my Disneyland trips. I knew that I’m tired of these past nine months but I’m now at a breaking point. I was so tired on my trip, I doubted about everything if it’s worth it, even the things that I love. My physical fatigue hits me and make my days really complicated to manage. On the second day, I wanted to go at night to see the lights on in the park because with the coming reducing hours it was probably the last time before next year to see the lights on without Halloween or Christmas decor on Main Street USA. I have even took a mid-afternoon break at the hotel to rest, but even with this rest when I was back at the park around 07h00pm until more than 09h00pm. I was totally exhausted and my vision was blurry. I have managed to enjoy this night time park but it was pretty hard. It was also the first time since one year that I was so late – until 11h00pm – outside between the closures, lockdowns, curfews in France. It was such weird! And it was definitely complicated mentally, plus my physical fatigue.

The biggest surprise of this trip. If my emotional breakdown hits me during my trip, I had some emotional positive feelings during my trip also. First one, I realized a dream. I slept one night on the three nights of my trip in one Disney hotel. The Newport Bay Club. Previous the Covid, I have never used the Disney hotels but the hotels partner because I spent all my time in the park and I found useless to spend more money in the hotels. But last summer at the reopening, the idea of sleep in Disney hotels has started to grow in my heart. There had the eight months closure, and finally the idea has grown up again since this time. When during my trip in June, I took a walk in the brand new Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art Of Marvel, I knew that I now totally wanted to sleep and explore more Disney hotels. I chosen in first time the Newport Bay Club because it was the first hotel that my heart looked on it. I have chosen only one night because I booked at the last time and August it’s an of the most expensive month of the year in France for vacation. Right! I have no words! It’s totally worth it! The Disney hotel immersion, details and experience is totally amazing! With a Disney hotel, you are in Disney kind of universe, even after your park day. And it’s totally amazing!

Another positive emotional experience during this trip. This week happens around the world, the Ultimate Princess Week. And last week, during my trip, Disneyland Paris has done a preview of this week, with the Frozen float who ride the parade and a new music for the princesses float cavalcade who ride the parade route many times by day but always with not official hours given to do not make big crowds. Saw the Frozen float with the music, it was so emotional because it’s on this that all has stopped in March 2020 because of the Covid. To see the float and hear the music for the first time in one and a half year, I cried. It was too much emotional. I don’t excepted this preview, because it was not announced and the princess week is this week. It was amazing! For the first time in forever, it’s left me entry a bit of hope in my heart.

My favorite thing to see currently is the only show in theater in the Walt Disney Studios park. I went to see it every day and one day, I have even done it twice. Really hoping that Disneyland Paris come back more shows soon.

The park attendance is really amazing. Despite the starts of the health pass one month ago. The park is full at the current limited capacity. I’m in thoughts also that Disneyland Paris has already increased capacity without tell it. Because peoples are everywhere, everything from the morning to the night, from the hotels to the rides who has some pretty high waiting times. Everywhere it’s full, peoples are everywhere, and crowds are literally everywhere. Despite that there is no times announced, the cavalcades make crowds of peoples around the parade route without social distances and like a little look of pre-Covid parades. It’s such anxious to see so many peoples at some times but it’s absolutely so amazing to see so many peoples. Masks are always mandatory indoor and outdoor, social distances are always supposed to be here but guests doesn’t respect it. But. I felt safe Covid related. Thanks to the health pass. I’m so happy for the park that guests are back, peoples of outside from France are here and it’s so good. During my trip, I definitely see the park attendance like pre-Covid during a medium-peak season attendance. It’s so good to see some lives!

This summer the weather is not good. It’s rather a fall season during all the summer. If during my trips in June and July, I had some heatwaves temperatures (and the only few hot days of the summer in France), this time it was rainy must of the time or cloudy. I have managed to get a few sun during the four days but most of the time it was rainy with only 20 degrees Celsius. I literally bought me a rainy coat in the shop because I had cold to be all the time wet by the rain. It’s a big thing for me because I never really bought me things in the shops. I have never drink so much hot cocoa in the summer months also.

Currently, I don’t recap the details day by day in my diary posts. Because if I’m doing highlight plans of the trips, I don’t plan a lot and I chose often to go with the flow of my wants in the moment during each day. Right! I can totally switch from my initial plans or change each day. I’m ok with this manner to organize my park days, right now. But with this kind of way to organize my trips, I don’t want to share each day in details, but only the highlights. And now, let’s wraps this post with some photos.

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