Disneyland Paris Diary • August 2020

Yeah! My first Disneyland Paris diary post in a very long time. The last one was in March. It’s so good! Ok! I wanted to write this post last week but it’s so long that I haven’t done a Disneyland Paris diary that I wanted to take the time to write it. Right! I’m back from my first trip at Disneyland Paris since the reopening. It was also my first solo trip since March. And it was a crazy one with a lot of different emotions. I stayed five days. Five days under a heat wave. Because when I go at Disneyland Paris the weather is always a bit crazy, the last time in February it was during the Ciara storm who has touched the Europe. Now, it was during a heat wave, but not just one or two days, the five days were some heat waves. The Ile De France was in red alert temperatures for heat wave. The temperatures rise until 38 degrees Celsius two days and until 40 degrees Celsius three days. It was a bit crazy just that because in more of I don’t like the high temperatures, I feel myself bad with headaches when it’s really hot. At 08h30 am during Extra Magic Hours it was already 31 degrees Celsius and I spent a lot of down times for do not feel myself bad. And put multiple times a day sunscreen. First time wearing a mask all day, five days in the row and under 40 degrees Celsius, but in real that it was ok. And it was not the craziest thing of my trip.

Because when I wanted to go check-in my hotel on the first day, I’m arrived in front of a hotel closed. I don’t know why because my reservation was confirmed but when I’m arrived the hotel was totally closed. I was in solo there, first I don’t know what to do and I finally chosen to try to go at the next hotel who was opens and of the same hotels group and that I knew already to see if I can sleep there. Fortunately, I was able and I could switch my reservation to the next hotel. But manage that and facing this situation and in solo was not easy with my social anxiety. I took a breathe but in real I don’t know how I was able to manage this situation with my social anxiety. I’m pretty impressed!

About Disneyland Paris and park days, I had a lot of different emotions because of the current situation. This trip has not been so therapeutic on my flashbacks. I don’t know why! Because it was the first trip since the lockdown and it’s a gentle back into these therapeutic trips after so many months with a bad mental health or because I missed so much the parades and shows and my hearth was heavy sad about no parades, or maybe the both. I don’t know exactly. I can’t tell it was a good trip but it was like even good to be outside from the home and back into a trip at Disneyland Paris. I had less of flashbacks than at home but I had like even some flashbacks crisis and a lot. I tried to enjoy just the present to be back at Disneyland Paris. But without parades and shows it’s really hard, harder again than I could to have thought. It missed something at my days. Usually, my nights at Disneyland Paris are the only nights that I spent without nightmares but on this trip I have done some nightmares, probably the miss of watching the night time show Disney Illuminations before going at the bed. I think that I was not able to enjoy the present moments also because of the new treatment that I started mid-June and who doesn’t helps me. I think I need to stop it.

It was probably the less therapeutic trip at Disneyland Paris that I have done. I try to tell myself, it’s ok. It’s a gentle back, I had already less of flashbacks than at home, it’s precious but my mental health is so bad since months that it’s hard to keep this mindset.

Right! About the safety measures at Disneyland Paris, all were perfect. The safety measures are always here, there is a little more of peoples but the capacity is always limited. I was surprised how most of the peoples respected the mask rule, social distances stickers, there is always a few peoples who disrespect it but most of the peoples respected it. And the mask rule was not the easiest with 40 degrees Celsius. Disneyland Paris makes an amazing works to make respected these rules also, cast members are always here to remember to peoples who doesn’t respect the mask or who want to sit next to you in attractions. At the opening and closing times of the park, some security agents are here to help the cast members around Main Street USA and Central Plaza to make respected the rules. I’m a lot anxious about the virus usually but at Disneyland Paris I’m felt safe and in security.

About entertainment, Disneyland Paris try to do a maximum with the safety measures, there is always Mickey and friends who wave you “good morning” or “good night” at opening and closing times. There is the selfie spots with characters but I did not do it. And recently, Disneyland Paris has added some kind of mini-parades. I don’t know if we can really call that a parade but a few characters desfile on the parade route randomly in the afternoon. It’s nice from Disneyland Paris to have done that. But for me, it’s doesn’t take place at the place of the big daily parade and the night time show. It’s a little beginning with the safety measures but I missed so much the parade and shows. Right! On another good note, Disneyland Paris has started the really first show since the reopening on Saturday in Frontierland Theater with The Lion King and The Rhythms Of The Pride Lands. Of course, always in the respect of safety measures. These are some big, little steps. Now, I’m looking of when they could place back the daily parade. Again on another good note, on the morning of my last day, Disneyland Paris has comes out the dates for the Halloween season and Christmas season. Now, nothing has again was announced of what the seasons could be made. But I anxiously waited to have the dates of these two seasons since a few weeks. It’s good! Just hoping for the parades. Right! Let recapping these days!



Calling a wake up at 04h20 am. After get ready, take my first train at 05h45 am and my second train at 07h00 am. I’m arrived at Marne La Vallée at 10h20 am with a delay of 20 minutes because there had some signalizations troubles on the tracks. Going in the park with the most magical welcome from Mickey and friends who wave you and with the new music created for the reopening. With the 20 minutes of delay of my train, I’m arrived later in the park and the attractions started to get high in waiting times already. Right! I sit down in Fantasyland and take a lunch break.

Around 13h00 pm, I launched me and despite the waiting times around 30 minutes in the attractions (before I have never waited more than 20 minutes for the attractions and I hate doing them during the afternoon) but like there is no other things to do, I launched me for the first time and tried to do some attractions in the afternoon. I started with Phantom Manor and followed with Pirates Of The Caribbean. Ok! It’s definitely not my favorite thing the attractions in the afternoon but I have only waited around 20 minutes for each. The lines are longer because of the social distances stickers but we always walk in the lines and never stand up at the same place more than five minutes. Along the trip, I have done a few times the attractions during the afternoons because there had no shows during my trip. But definitely not love the attractions in the afternoons.

Later I waited a bit around the parade route to see the mini-parades and I saw Merida and Mickey, Minnie, Dingo and Stitch. After, I went to check-in my hotel who was closed but like tell above I managed to switch my reservation to the next hotel. I took the night to rest of my early wake up and hotel situation that I lived.


Early wake up at 07h00 am to going during the Extra Magic Hours. First time since March that I arrive so early in the park and it was so good and magical. I have done a few attractions and I wrapped this morning by doing the Disneyland RailRoad. This attraction was in renovation since more than one and a half years.


The heat started to be too much and I took a break in the shadow with a Castle view and around 02h00 pm, I headed at Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant to drink a Mickey Milkshake. So refreshing with the heat! I watched up the mini-parade later in the afternoon and spent a lot of down times in the shadow and air conditioned spaces again. I finished the evening by watching the Castle until park closure at 08h00 pm to catch up the “good night” waving. An of the sadness thing with the no night time show is that the park closes before the night so I can’t see the Castle light up in the dark like I love. Going back at the hotel and wrapping this day.


I started this day by the Walt Disney Studios and making Ratatouille before heading back in Disneyland park always in the morning. I took a breakfast with a Castle view. It was so good. And I went explored the Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and doing It’s A Small World before be back on Main Street USA to hanging to catch the characters go down to take some photos.

At 12h00 pm, the heat hits me and I lay down with a ice cream in Fantasyland. And I spent a couple hours to hang here because in the sun it was 40 degrees Celsius and I was not ready to walk around the park. I watched the mini-parade and decided to go out from the park around 04h00 pm because of the heat. Too exhausted, I stopped by Starbucks to grab a refreshing drink, my first Starbucks since before the lockdown and I took the way of the hotel to rest the rest of the night.


I decided to sleep late this morning, and get ready around only 10h00 am. Heading in the park, I strolled around Frontierland and Adventureland before stopping for a ice cream and spent lot of times in shadows before at 02h00 pm be back at the Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant to take a Mickey Milkshake and get an air-conditioned time from 40 degrees Celsius outside. I spent the rest of the time to lay down in Fantasyland in the shadow and wait the mini-parade but this it doesn’t happens probably because of another heat wave day.

Later in the afternoon, I started to feel myself able to enjoy the present moment and until park closure I stayed watching the Castle when a summer rainy storm happened around 07h30 pm. I stayed under the rain, it was a bit refreshing from the heat. But not for long because it was always really hot. I watched the “good night” waving and took the way from the hotel.


Get ready and going early for this last day. I took a breakfast with a view on the Castle and hanged slowly around the park and take a lot of breaks because it was always 38 degrees Celsius despite of the rain and storm during the night. I went watching Mickey’s Philar Magic later, eat a sugar Mickey Waffle and watched the mini-parade before at 04h30 pm take the way of the gare station. I got my first TGV at 05h00 pm and train connection at 08h00 pm and I was back home around 10h00 pm. And that’s wrap.

Right! Now, I think I need before to wrap the recap of my Disneyland Paris, August 2020 diary trip by doing a randomly list of my favorite things or that I learned about this trip. Because it was as much as therapeutic but I had a few favorites and I learned some things who could be useful for next trips. I think I need more than ever documentate them.

+The new welcome back music from Disneyland Paris who is played from the opening until around 11h00 am.

+Use and scan my annual pass.

+The emotions to first heard again the opening and closing park spiels. So emotional!

+Be in the park and chill.

+Summer is really not my favorite time (summer is not my favorite season usually) to go in the parks and if the circumstances permit me, I could not going again in the full summer months.

+Doing attractions in the afternoon is definitively not my favorite.

+Extra Magic Hours (even if the wake up can be hard) has always something of special magical. And my favorite time to do the attractions.

+Thanks to all the cast members from Disneyland Paris who are doing an amazing work.


Ok! I can wrap this diary now! Thanks for stopping by!


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