Disneyland Paris 2019 Video

I shared the recap of my Disneyland Paris solo trip that I have done in the beginning of September with some photos, now it’s time to sharing the video of the trip.

It’s a little special because I haven’t one but three videos. The first one is the video with takes took during all my trips, and again a new different thing, for the first time I decided to do a video with cinematographic looks. It’s hard and I have work to do again to improves my videos. I love the cinematographic looks and I have already planned and looking tips to work on this during my next trip to Disneyland.

The two last videos are some videos of the two shows who were during The Lion King & Jungle Festival at Disneyland Paris during all the summer. These are some amazing shows! One show is named The Jungle Book Jive and was played over Central Plaza and Main Street USA, and the second show is named The Lion King and Rhythms Of The Pride Lands and was played at the Frontierland Theater. The theater was recently renovated only for this show and I love it.

In the beginning, I have only the first video with a mix of videos taken during all my trip of planned but when I saw that I had enough of takes of each show to create some separate videos for each show. I decided to do it! It’s better to enjoy the show when I want to watch it on a separate video and I kept the original sound that I took with the videos. It’s pretty good to immersive me again in these amazing shows.

It’s a thing that I told a few times over here now, but I love to take photos and to take videos also and editing and creating videos. I generally made a video at each of my trip now. The photos is a good way to remember memories of a trip but videos are again another ones and that I find amazing. More immersive, and immersive me in the videos of my trips help me to reduce my flashbacks during I’m practicing this activity.

I spent the last three weeks to editing these three videos, I worked on my editing logical about 3 hours by day and I love this time. Now that I have wrapped these videos, I’m looking, searching tips and work on my video activity to do better videos until I’m ready to shoot my next, in two weeks. Thanks for watching!




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