Disneyland Paris 2019: Part 2

Let’s go to the second recap of my solo trip to Disneyland Paris this month! To do these recaps is amazing for me! It’s always hard to have left Disneyland and writing these posts help me to get in these amazing days that I had during my trip. Wednesday, I shared the first recap here with my first day! I will share two days in this recap full with a lot of shows, a few attractions, a few eating stuff, amazing cast members and a lot of positive minds all the time during.

Day 2 – Monday 9, September.

I woke up around 06h30 am with a really good night. I slept all night with about 07h00 asleep. It’s the first time that I slept so much on a solo trip. Before sleeping, I have done a few things. I placed a few drops of Lavender on my cushion, I turn on white sounds and I kept in the background on a low volume Friends episodes and I took with me, my Philips Hue Go lamp that I left on all night with my favorite intensity, without forgetting my favorite blanket. All that. Makes me sleep good and I was not anxious to do my first night/four in solo in a hotel.

Well! I get dressed, took my medication and around 07h30 am, I took the shuttle until the parks. I went to take breakfast to Starbucks in Disney Village. And, I’m heading in Disneyland during Extra Magic Hours. My first attraction on my list during the Extra Magic Hours was Peter Pan’s Flight. I waited about 20 minutes. The longer time that I waited on an attraction line during my trip. I loved this ride! I continued by to do a few attractions in Fantasyland with Tea Cups, Le Carousel de Lancelot, and Casey Jr. I strolled on Main Street USA and go to do Phantom Manor. Before going back around the Sleeping Beauty Castle to watching the first Jungle Book Jive show of the day at 11h00 am.

Right after, I took the way to wait to watching The Lion King and Rhythms of The Prade Lands show to Frontierland Theatre. It was about 11h30 am and the show does not start before 12h30 pm but about one hour it’s the time needed to wait for watching this show. This is a very successful show! During one hour, I organized some photos and ordered my lunch to pick up after the show at Vapiano in Disney Village.

I already saw the show during my day trip in July but this an amazing show. I loved to see it again! The one hour waiting line worth it. The show is amazing and the entrainment before the show by the cast members is so much amazing.

I headed to pick up my lunch (bolognese spaghetti, it was good) that I ordered during the waiting line to Vapiano in Disney Village and I took the shuttle to back to the hotel where I ate my lunch and take a rest during the afternoon. I equally took a 15 minutes trip to the hotel’s pool before get me ready to head back to the park for the night.

Around 06h00pm, I took the shuttle to the park and I passed to grab a sandwich from Earl Of Sandwich in Disney Village. Right! I do not have even eaten half. I was not hungry and I headed to Disneyland park and instead to force me to eat the sandwich that I was not motivated and hungry, I went to buy myself an ice cream from The Gibson Girls Parlor on Main Street USA. At this time, it was 07h00 pm and the time that I wait since months was almost here. I wanted to be in front of the Castle to watch the show & firework for the very first time. So, going to sit two hours before was a perfect time! It was 07h10 pm when I went to sit down in front, the show was at 09h00 pm. I was one of the first and I managed to be in the first row in front as I wanted. Waiting two hours! No problem! Waiting the night show was an of my favorite part of the trip! I watched the life around and listening the music, I had also the time to watch one episode of Psych on my phone and eating my ice cream. And mostly! Watching the Castle starting slowly to sparkling until the night. The best! I need nothing more to be happy!

Disney Illuminations was absolutely amazing! I have no real words to explain how amazing has been. It’s stunning! At the end, my heart cried of joy! It was beautiful! I stayed late again in the park after the show. It was the first time that I saw Main Street USA lights by night and it was beautiful. I waited about one hour also that the park is well emptied that I can take photos of Main Street USA by night with nobody inside. It was amazing! I had some stars in the eyes and I literally do not wanted to left the park even it was late. Between 10h30 pm and 11h00 pm, I left the park and I was back to the hotel.

It was the first time that I’ve stayed so late outside alone. And you know what?! I was even not anxious! I was so surprised, staying late outside alone is an of my biggest anxiety during traveling in solo. During my solo trip to Paris in April, I was not able to stay outside after 09h00 pm, I was too anxious. And here, I had absolutely no anxiety even when I walked between the park and shuttle in the night. Some peoples were again outside, I felt good and not anxious! It was an amazing end of the day!

Day 3 – Tuesday 10, September.

On Tuesday morning, I enjoyed some Walt Disney Studios times. At 08h30 am, I was in front of the gates for Extra Magic Hours opening. I took a hot cocoa as breakfast and enjoyed it slowly sit on a bench with the view on Production Courtyard. After, I headed to do some attractions, I have done Ratatouille (an of my favorite attraction), Slinky Dog (it was a first time), Les Tapis Volants d’Aladdin and Studio Tram Tour. I continued my breakfast around 11h00 am by eating a sugar crepe on Le Rendez Vous Gourmands on the Place Rémy, I strolled around the park to the research of details and I’m happy because I have found a few hidden Mickey. Currently, they are not a lot of attractions in the Studios park because many have been closed to opening very new attractions and the park is a lot under construction, a big enlargement of the park is planned in the next years. It sounds crazy all the constructions who are at this moment inside! But, it was right for me!


Before the end of the morning, I left the Studios to going to the Disney Village. On my plans, I was supposed to do the Panoramagique but it was too windy apparently and it was closed. Before the end of the trip, I looked many times to try to do it at another time but it was almost all the time closed. Even if the weather was beautiful and the wind was not visible. Right! Maybe on another trip!

Before heading to the Disneyland Park, I took a tour in the LEGO Sop from Disney Village. It’s crazy! The Sleeping Beauty Castle is even sold in LEGO at 350€. I have passed by Starbucks to try a new drink, a vanilla Frappuccino. Simple but good! I enjoyed it during sitting on Main Street USA, waiting for the Jungle Book Jive show of 12h10 pm and after I have done a little cruise again with the Thunder Mesa River Boat.

Right! In the beginning of the afternoon, I enjoyed a sitting time on a chair outside on the terrace from Victoria’s HomeStyle Restaurant and I drunk a tea. I enjoyed again the Jungle Book Jive of 02h55 pm and I headed to Discoveryland to watch the first time, Mickey’s Philarmagic show. In 3D, it was pretty cool, I loved it!

Around 04h00 pm, I ate a few donuts and watching again the Jungle Book Jive show. And right after! It was the time to prepare me and waiting to see for the first time the parade. I was so excited! 45 minutes before I was in the place. It was the first time! The music is amazing and the floats are so big and beautiful. Parade, checked on my list and I want to check it again multiple times.

After the parade, it was around 06h10 pm and I left the park for the day. I grabbed a sandwich for my dinner and I went back to the hotel. And some trees in front of the Disneyland hotel look like fall. I spent the evening to rest and I went to the bed early.

It was some amazing time these two days, watching the parade, Disney Illuminations was amazing and multiple times Jungle Book Jive, I had beautiful stars in my eyes and with a dreaming and positive mind.


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