Disneyland Paris 2019: Part 1

I spent an absolutely amazing time on my solo trip to Disneyland Paris over last week! It’s crazy and it sounds unreal compared to feelings of these past weeks. I felt so good! But! My social anxiety knocks me a lot on this solo trip and I could be sharing a special post just about my social anxiety after recapping my trip. I dealt a bit with my c-PTSD during the trip. Right! Disneyland shows me again once that it’s a therapy place most that ever! Before going on the trip I was afraid because of the new challenges that I launched me on this solo trip but also because the past weeks were really tough. But Disneyland Paris helped more than ever on this trip! And leaving was really hard! Not hard like when we leave vacation to going back at home to go work because after Disneyland I directly followed on the second trip on the south of France but because I felt really good and I spent amazing times. Disneyland is the best place when you have social anxiety also!

This solo trip was different than my three previous solo trips since I started to book it in April. The first one and not the least, I have always booked two nights on my previous solo trips and on this one I launched me, I doubled the dose with four nights. Four nights in solo, it was amazing! My social anxiety was powerful on this trip but at any moment I felt bad or anxious during the trip to do four nights solo. There are a lot of hidden new challenges over this trip and an of the big is the hotel location. I always took hotel locations around places I knew some trips that I have done before with my parents. Here not! I stayed at the Vienna House Dream Castle localized to 10 minutes in free shuttle. It’s a Disneyland partners hotel. The hotel was pretty good! The room, pool was amazing! But this is a hotel localized with nothing around except others Disneyland partners hotels. I have the habit to take hotels in some big city and moving just by walking during my trips, here not! I took many times by day the shuttles. But! If this situation anxious me before the departure, during the trip it does not have anxious me. It’s pretty amazing!

All the bunch of challenges that you could follow during my three recaps and my special post about my social anxiety during this trip. Compared to my previous weeks, I kept dreaming and saw the positive during this trip and it was amazing. I want to be like that every day! Since that I left Disneyland and I’m in the south of France, almost all my anxiety are back. It’s pretty hard! During my trip, except a few bits of my regular anxiety, the anxiety that I developed these last weeks and my OCD were all gone during the trip. Right now! I just want to live to Disneyland. It’s a so good therapeutic place! In this way, I’m currently thinking and trying to book a trip every month at least already until the end of the year. And not only day trip like I was doing before but overnights trips. It was so much better to could to go out of the park one day and could be back in the next day during a few days.

I enjoyed this trip to do more relax days to Disneyland, during my day trips, I’m always on the go all day and it’s exhausting. It was an evidence when I planned this trip that I wanted more slow down days than during just one day at Disneyland. It was amazing! I spent time at the hotel’s pool and I have not done big full days. When I wanted to stay late for the night show, it was not since 08h30 am in the park or I took a break the afternoon at the hotel. Slow down days!

A negative point on this trip, it’s about the food. These past weeks, eating was really hard and it has not changed during my trip. During five days, I have done only one real meal and my food included rather a few snacks during five days. But, I eat a few stuff like even. And before the trip, I was promised me even if I have eating troubles during the trip, I could eat a bit every day and drink for not to have some kind of headache. I was surprised that with the little that I ate that I had no real headaches.

Right! In reality, I have no real words to descript how amazing was this trip. It was MORE THAT wonderful! I have done a few attractions BUT I have mostly discovered the parade and Disney Illuminations, the night show with the firework and twice. I have no words! How amazing was to discover this! My heart was crying of JOY! So much these shows were beautiful! I was again during the season of The Lion King & Jungle Festival who was in the park all the summer. I watched many times the shows and particularly The Jungle Book Jive, two days I litterally watched the four shows representations of the day.

Because my favorite and the most therapeutic thing to do to Disneyland isn’t run to do attractions. My favorite thing to do to Disneyland is sitting on the ground and listening Main Street loops and waiting for the next Jungle Book Jive and watching it, again and again. I know, it’s can to be weird to want to go to Disneyland just to sit down on the ground and looking the life around. But for me no! It’s clearly my favorite thing to do in life! I’m able to enjoy the right moment and having no anxiety or flashbacks during this time. Well! I think, it’s time to sharing more about my days with photos.

About this trip in numbers: four nights in solo, four parks days, thirteen attractions and three different shows including ten times one the same, 4000 photos & 400 videos between my iPhone & DSLR, 11h00 pm the longer time I’m stayed outside and without anxiety, 12 donuts, 1 Mickey Waffle, 2 Mickey Milkshakes.

Day 1 – Sunday 8, September.

I took the usual TGV that I take also on a day trip at 5h45 am. Riding the half of France during 3 hours. I arrived at the Marne La Vallee gare station around 08h48 am. On this day, I planned a short day to could rest of my wake up at 4h30 am and not be too much exhausted on the next days but I was not able to check-in my hotel room before 03h00pm. Right, I let my suitcase in the baggage lockers from the gare station before heading the Disneyland park and I was able to enjoy again a bit of Extra Magic Hours including in my annual pass holder. First, I explored more Main Street USA and his details before going to Fantasyland where I rode Dumbo and not let me lost in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth before heading back on Main Street USA and buy me a croissant as snack at Cable Car Bake Shop and watching the first Jungle Book Jive show of the day with no special strategical place to take photos. After to have doing another walk between Main Street USA and the sleeping beauty. 30 minutes before the second show at 12h10, I took place to take photos of the Jungle Book Jive show.

I headed to Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant to drink the best milkshake with the cutest Mickey on the top. I continued by taking a slow cruise with the Thunder Mesa River Boat and heading in a few shops to spot a few things that I could to buy before the end of the trip. And around 02h30pm, I say bye to the park for today and I searched my luggage at the gare before taking the shuttle and heading to the hotel.

I check-in my hotel room and take a little nap to rest of my wake up at 04h30 am and I watched Friends. Later in the evening, I took a drink at the hotel’s bar and eating donuts like dinner and take a little walk with the sunset in the gardens of the hotel and around the lake behind the hotel before going to the bed early. During the trip, I realized a special dream. Buy me a Mickey balloon, hanging it next to the bed and sleep with.

First, before wrapping this first recap of my solo trip to Disneyland Paris, and because I saw all the positive during this trip, I wanted to share five things that I’m grateful about this trip.


The weather. It was not rainy, not too hot, not too cold.

All my time approximately 40 hours in four days sitting on the ground of Main Street USA to listening to the shows and music.

To be able to keep dreaming.

All the amazing shows from Disneyland Paris.

To have been feeling me good.


During my trip, I have officially financial profitable about my annual pass holder. About tickets budget but I have a lot of reductions to use in the restaurants and shops and it’s really cool.


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