Disneyland Memories Game

Remember good memories in waiting to could create some new! Right! At the end of the month of March when Disneyland Paris has announced to be closed until further noticed, I started a new game! A game to remember the good and many memories that I could create these past months in the park or around these trips in waiting to could be able to go back in the park to create some new memories.

The bonus for me, this is a game who can helps me to take some times out away from my flashbacks! Let’s play Disneyland Memories Game.

This is a simple game! And if I dedicated to my Disneyland Paris trips, it’s easily possible to do on it some others kind of trips or vacations that you have done in 2019 par example.

I started by picking some themes related to my Disneyland Paris trips, parades, food, music, shows, lands, special seasons,… I created a board with the app Pages, I printed it and cut each theme. Now, the goal is to pick up one theme each day, pick up it randomly without looking when I pick up like that I don’t know on what theme I will work on it. Once that I picked up my theme, I take the time to remember all the good memories related to this special theme (and it’s can do not be easy and be done in only in 5 minutes when you have 5 trips behind you), and I write them down on the paper of this theme. Right! Easy, cheap in waiting to be back in the parks! Write down details and memories of my travel is something that I love because I have even started a travel journal. But this game is really good and therapeutic just to remember and be grateful for all the good memories that I could done even if I can’t be doing new in the parks right now!

What a daily occupation! At this moment, I created fifteen themes to go until mid-April, I have even a very special dedicated for Disneyland Paris birthday on April 12th, I could maybe looking on some new themes or playing this good memories game as long as I can or until the parks re-open. In waiting, let’s remember some good memories! What is your favorite way to remember your travel memories? Thanks for reading!



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