Dinner out: New Year Eve

This was the first time that we went outside for new year eve. Never before, every new year eve nights me alone in my room and the other part of the family in front of tv like everyday of the year. This is a long time that I wanted go outside for new year eve for have more ambiance for this day and this year my mom and me have booked for the dinner in a Casino. OK, this was fun, I haven’t too much anxiety, I ate good compared to usually in restaurants.

The ambiance, the musics was good… and for the first I switched of one to other year in public place, I want again to do that this year and every others years.

We ate to 9h00pm, for the first tour, I choose to eat a little of smoked salmon, foie gras with some pieces of breads.

For the second tour, I choosed rice, potato gratin and fish and a sauce with foie gras. I loved the trio of rice, potato gratin and sauce with foie gras I reserved myself a second time so much I liked contrariwise I took fish for try to eat a little but I did not eat the fish because I do not like this type of fish (I prefer smoked salmon).

The ambiance was so good after the main meal it was about 11h00pm and with my mom we were play in Casino.

10 minutes before 2018.

The way that I love with the ambiance was that it was night with lights and it’s my favorite against depression I do not love so much natural or sun lights.

10,… 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,… 0,- 2018.

For the dessert, I choosed these two little pieces.

Back to home for see my anxious cat because he do not love fireworks bruises.

That’s a recap of my new year eve dinner/night out and it was so cool I want want to do it again.




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