December Movies Review

It’s December Movies Review.

Ok! Well! It’s the last movies review of 2018. I feel weird about it! In the beginning of 2018, I launched me the goal of watching more movies. Why?

Well, because I did not watch a lot of movies in my life. I watch a lot of Tv Shows but not movies. The only time of the year where I watched a lot of movies it’s in Christmas season. In 2018, I wanted to change that! I did it! I managed my goal! Learn more about my story and movies here.

In 2018, I watched 72 different movies! Well!

Every month on my blog, I did a review of all the movies I watched. You can find all the list here. I’m happy to have launched me this goal. I don’t know again if in 2019, I want to continue reviewing my movies every month on my blog. I find it unnecessary now, this year it was to help me to keep up my goal. But one thing, I want to continue to watch movies regularly.

In December, it was ALL the Christmas movies. My favorites, some news. I did not stop to watch Christmas movies all long month. Except for a few days when I had my flu. I was so sick that I did not want to watch movies during this moment. I loved sometimes during the month let the movie on nights and fall asleep with. I fall asleep with a Christmas mind. I can’t tell that I sleep better with this. But I love to do it!

I loved all the movies watched. My favorites that I re-watched are Home Alone, The Santa Clause 2. My favorites that I watched for the first time are The Holiday Calendar, Elf. “Elf” what a so funny movie!

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My biggest favorite movie this year is The Santa Clause 2.

Well! That is a wrap with this Christmas month. What was your favorite movie that you have watched in December? I would love to hear from you!




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