December Goals {2018}

It’s December Goals!

It’s my favorite time of the year! Christmas decorations, twinkling lights, hot cocoa,… But I have so much ridiculously anxiety. It is because of things happened in the past at this time of the year. I love so much the Christmas month but I afraid of the next year who coming and what could happen. I’m afraid of suffering! Right! I managed all my goals in November. I added all the Christmas things that I wanted. I bought the gifts that I wanted in November. I planned my birthday projects. I equally stopped completely the Sertraline. It was not easy, I had a lot of headache in side effects, always again a little today but I feel less depressed than when I took it. Every day, I tried to stay focused on the good reasons to live but it’s hard! It’s a challenge permanently! In October, I felt the need to talk at my psychiatrist of the bad feelings about her but in November, I did not have the need anymore, I canceled a visit because of my tendinitis pain and I wrote a long email for talking about things but I did not have a need to talk about these bad feelings. Side food, I continue my way to eat more vegetables.


Now my December goals.

Christmas Bucket list. I wrote all the things that I want to do during the holiday season. I started last month and this month it continues. All the things about Christmas. I shared my Christmas bucket list here.

Finish buy/wrap gifts. I bought the most of gifts in November but I have few again to buy. And wrap! I love wrapping! It’s a good therapeutic activity for me.

Take some breaths. This is a time where my anxiety are high. I have often noticed that when I have a lot of anxiety, take a big breath can help me. Not completely but a little.

Stay straight face to my anxiety. Right! Trying to stay strong and fight the anxiety.

Christmas Photos sessions. This is the season. I love to do Christmas sessions.

Disneyland Paris. Well! This year, I decided to do a big project for my birthday! Because of when I was a kid, I never had a birthday party in cause of fact that I born 5 days apart of Christmas. This year is the year where I started to travel in solo. So, I wanted something of exceptional! I decided to do a day trip at Disneyland Paris in solo. I was only one time at Disneyland in my life. I have my train at 05h40am and back home train at 08h00pm. About 6 hours of train in the day. On the 17th December, it’s Disneyland and birthday fun. I’m so excited!

Fun Birthday. My birthday is on the 20th December. I have my Disneyland trip three days before and I want to do a little fun and enjoy my special day on the day too.

Gingerbread and co. The holiday food.

First skiing. Snow. Back to my new favorite outdoor activity that I discovered last year. I’m so excited!


These are my goals for December. What are your goals? Thanks for reading.



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