Cultivating Happiness

I wanted to do this post later in the month but I think it’s right now in these days that I need it. How do you feel? I have so much anxiety these days! I need help to fight them, it’s for this reason that I do this post, I hope who could help me to remember the good and hope it could maybe give ideas at peoples who didn’t feel really good now. Cultivating happiness is a hard work and again more when you have anxiety, depression or any kind of mental disorder. Last year, I did a really good work on my anxiety and mental health. And I managed to be happy! These are few things that I collected and who help me to be happy!

1. Motivating quotes. I look on motivating quotes every day! It’s literally changed my life! Install a quotes app on your phone, to do a quotes board on Pinterest and check a few every day. It’s changed my mind and I feel happier.

2. Make things that you love in priority. Write down a few things that you love (drink hot cocoa, lay down on the bed with blankets, bing tv shows,…) and do it a priority in your everyday life.

3. Get a full night sleep. When I got a full night with my minimum 8h of sleep, I feel better. Turn off all devices early and board into a full and good night of sleep.

4. Get inspired. I’m constantly searching for inspiration on every thing of life. Lifestyle, decor, travel, food, my favorite place to get inspired is Pinterest.

5. Be grateful. It’s not always easy to be grateful with the hard every day feelings but regularly to do a list of what you are grateful. There could be more things that you think.

6. Eat your favorites food no matter how much calories. Eat healthy is important but one thing that my eating disorders learn me, it’s not private yourself of food that you love. You love chocolate, eat a few pieces each day!

7. Live in the moment. I’m honest! It’s not always easy. When you have anxiety about the past and the future. You do not have time to living in the moment and enjoy this moment. When I’m able to do it it’s the best. I work constantly on this. To be able to live more in the moment, it’s the best thing to fight your anxiety about the future.

8. Grow your challenges. To do challenges is my new and best reason to live. Fix you little challenges and when you see that you are able to accomplish the littles, grow them even if you think they are a little too big or they scare you. Go it!


To be happy, it’s not always the biggest things who give you happiness but the little things every day. What are your favorite things for cultivating your happiness? I would love to read about, let them me in the comments section!




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