CORSICA 2017: Days 9 & 11 FIREWORK

Today it’s part four and last part of my CORSICA 2017 Family Vacation. If you missed the previous parts, Days 1 & 2 here, Days 3 & 5 here, Days 6 & 8 here.

This Family Vacation should have finish on Day 9, but we have extended until 14th July the Day 11 and back home the next day.


On morning of day 9 after a Cereals Breakfast with milk and my Lamictal 25mg, we left the Camping in Corsica about 09H30AM and took the road for the boarding in Ferries in port, it was about 2H40 of road. If the beginning road time was with almost a lots of mountains roads at the end, beautiful landscapes was here.

It’s about 12H00PM when we arrived to port, the pre-boarding car lines was opened to 01H00PM. We ate lunch in waiting, I choose a Tuna round Sandwich, he was good and if outside the weather was hot and beautiful, there was a crazy wind, my family wanted eat in the car, me I choose to eat outside with this crazy wind and beautiful view and ENJOY a lots this little time. I edited zone of photo on the background it was so much more beautiful.

It’s almost 01H00PM, when we started to drive in the port for waiting boarding.

After pre-boarding, we waiting about 1H30 in the port with the car for boarding, we were the first line and we saw the Ferries to park in the port before boarding. The Ferries of return was so much bigger that the first, outside decks on three levels, the first was just one, before boarding, I told myself right away that I want look the port departure outside, this was with a crazy wind but THIS WAS AWESOME.

Hereafter boarding and park the car, it’s about 02H30PM, Ferries departure was 03H00PM.

It’s just 02H40PM, when I took a breakaway of my family for explore this one because in the first Ferries explore and outside on decks ALONE was my favorites things I decided on this trip to did again the same things.

SO AWESOME TIME, see departure on Photos.

Bye bye Island, I love you.

I asking myself? What happens if you jump in this big wave of Ferries but at this time I did not wanted to do because I was so GOOD.

I declare Ferries like a favorite tips of travel.

It’s about 03H10PM and after about 30 minutes on decks with a crazy wind, I decided to come back inside for explored this Ferries.

To the bottom of this Ferries, a big spiral stairs, I loved this.


Exploring the inside…

 Prefer took the stairs but once time I tried the elevator…

Hereafter, I can’t preclude to go on the decks, so I’m back on…

A little after, it was 04H00PM and I decided to go eat a Ice Cream and because I wanted I ate her on the third floor with a big sea view…

Eating a Chocolate Donut.

The dinner, I did not really eat, I just eat this Chocolate Fondant with English Cream.

I love this big water swirls!!!

It’s 08H10PM when we started to see the coast.

A beautiful sunset.

Corsica head.

The Ferries arrived to 09H30PM and to 09H00PM, we started to get down around garages and we waiting until they open the door.


The time they open the doors and all… it’s 09H50PM when we exit the port and a very last view of the Ferries before we took about 20minutes of road for rejoin the hotel.

Bed with lots of thinking about this Corsica Vacation, first part.

On Day 10 morning, before I woke up I had the right to win a trophy on my Apple Watch.

We took the way for breakfast, these was good.

THE FIRST time of the year, on this morning I forgotten my Lamictal, it’s rarely in 2,5 years, I think that it’s because this change of place.

We did shops and for Lunch we ate to KFC, these Cheese pieces, the fries I did not managed and a Chocolate Cream Ball, he is my favorite.

The afternoon we took the beach and I ate and drunk like in Corsica, I did not wanted change my time to eat on the beach, I wanted to keep them.

Dinner: was PIZZA Salmon, I ate two little pieces.

It’s about 09H00PM, we left the hotel for go in other city or we have passed Vacation two years ago for go on a market that we had love, it’s cold here contrary of the CORSICA.

I ate a BIG Vanilla Ice Cream, I had again more cold that I had already before ate her.


The next morning was Day 11 and 14th July, with again more that usually thinking for Nice.

A TV was in the Breakfast room of the hotel, it was on with few News, when I went in the room, they talked on TRUMP who has arrived in France, I decided to go eat on the terrace for not watch that and when I left the room they talked of memorial Nice.

On this morning, we went on the beach and my mom early bought a newspaper with a big article on Nice, I want to readit and I took the sun.

It’s about 01H30PM I ate my Lunch Tuna Sandwich in the car on the way of back to hotel.

I think to put the alarm on 14H14 for I take a screenshot with 14H14 on a 14th day, I founded fun in that.

I had no red in my dressing but I put White and Blue for a 14th July for the France and Nice.

My mom wanted watch about memorial on TV Nice but me NO it was too hard, I passed my time in the bed and we did the bguages of the day back was tomorrow before we left the hotel on night for dinner.

We ate to restaurant, I took a BIG Rice plate with Ketchup, a Red Fruits Oasis and a Chocolate Mousse in Dessert, all was very good. The follow we took the way for watch the Firework… it’s about 08H20PM we wait until… the time.

I took Photos for wait… the firework was to 10H05PM, he was cool but hard to watch him without thinking to Nice but it was a good time, he has hearts, stars, red, blue, white with green also.

This year, I wanted to watch one and take one in PhotoShoot Firework.

The water Reflection.

We took the way of back to hotel after, it’s 10H34PM when we were in the car and Nice took 1 minute to silent because it was one year ago.


The next day “Saturday” we were back at home in the evening during road trip, I ate 2 Chocolate Beignet and I watched 6 Hawai 5-0 episodes.


This the end of the Vacation and of this Vacation with my Family Recap.


What can I hold of these nine to eleven days?


My Ferries ALONE times.

A lots of sweet thinking to Nice.

A Firework.

My Apple Watch trophy, yeah! it’s rarely.


Here my CORSICA 2017 Family Vacation Days 9 & 11 and the end of this Recap.


See you tomorrow for my monthly post with I talk… who was planned on Monday 10th July but I did not this day cause I had take a little break on this blog for my Family Vacation.




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