CORSICA 2017: Days 6 & 8 BONIFACIO

Today, it’s part three of my Family Vacation CORSICA 2017 with Days 6 & 8. You missed part one with days 1 & 2, see here and you missed part two with days 3 & 5, see here, Days 9 & 11. 

This part three Recap include a lots of things like… TWO ALONE EARLY BEACH, again YEAH! If you had read my post days 3 & 5 you saw that I promised myself to do it again and I DO IT AGAIN!!!

That include too, a breakaway feeling bad during a dinner restaurant.

See beautiful kangaroos.

Passed by two city Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio with a beautiful stop for eyes in Bonifacio, Awesome!!! view of differents colors water beach and cliffs.

A stop by Palombaggia beach with a transparent water.

A Nutella Crepes.

Woke up on day 6 with my cereals, milk and Lamictal. and THERE!!!

Last night, I planned on morning day 6 my ALONE early beach time, if the first I did it about 11H40AM, this one I planned follow next the breakfast. It’s 09H00AM when I took the way for go on the beach.

5 minutes later, I was on the beach and clearly if I LOVED the first morning about 11H40AM, the morning at 09H00AM was AGAIN BETTER and I stayed on the beach almost 1H. A VERY BEST TIME ALONE!!!

I started by took Photos…

A other side…

I lots of sand footprints…

WHAT? I was so much clearly and good in my mind to be ALONE that I thought to take a panorama. I think never same in the perfect situation.

I took the way of back at mobil home about 09H50AM.

I ate a Chocolate Beignet and drunk a Capri-Sun few times later.

That it is when I ate a piece of french bread during I play words game and drunk a Mojito on the same moment.

Lunch: Again Pasta and again fish snakes and again ketchup.

A Ice Cream for dessert.

A little later we went at the beach.

Brioche “hedgehod” and Capri-Sun, YEAH!!! I’m a obsessed of Capri-Sun, I can drink 2 by day.

I read a little on the beach for escape my mom’s talk… After we went back at mobil-home and get ready for dinner at restaurant and that was a distaster.

The Camping has this awesome flowers that I love so much, anyway they are so much like that in Corsica. The Camping has zoo and on the way of restaurant we stop in front of and I saw these beautiful kangaroos before that I never see also near some kangaroos, I loved, they are so cute and jump on their back legs.

So beautiful these Kangaroos.

The restaurant was reserved for 08H00PM, he was just in front of the beach, when I started to look on menus card, I told me, OUCCHH!!! Nothing that I can eat inside that.

I took a little drink for start: a Grenadine sirop.

… choose something for eat created conflits with my mom, so, for to makes her pleasure, I opted for a fish pasta plate… but I did not wanted really and after 1H00 of wait the pasta plate comes and HERE… I saw a big pasta plate with shrimp heads and molds on the top and I feeled really bad of that, I wanted to vomit, on the photo below the shrimp heads and molds has missing because it’s my dad who recovered but same after this, I feeling very bad and after the lots of family problems these last hours and my mom who did not understand why I feeling bad, I explosed and after few minutes of reflections I decided to take the way of back to Camping ALONE to walk (we went in car).

It’s about 09H00AM when I took the way of back and I was really bad of this restaurant story and with my thoughts of Family Problems… I was also Anxious to come back like that because the way was principally a desert and ranch road. The walk was to 15 minutes. The Night started to comes also but ANGRY and BAD like I was, I cannot stay in restaurant, of the blow I took all over I did it!

09H22PM I was back at mobil home, bad, I did not eat this dinner, I decided in porch to take a book a read a little, my family was back at mobil home about 10H00PM.

Next morning, we were woke up early because we had big excursion around two city PORTO VECCHIO, BONIFACIO and a beautiful transparent beach water.

Started by Cereals, Milk, Lamictal.

Newt we took the road about 09H00AM for about 2H00, in car I ate a Chocolate Beignet and I drunk a Capri-Sun.

We arrived to PORTO VECCHIO about 11H00AM, we stayed on a shop for to buy the food for the day.

In front of the shop, I love so much these white flowers like to Camping.

I took my Apple Watch on photo because of the weather: 31°C and only 11H44AM, I love so much this Weather.

My family wanted already eat, so, we stop somewhere for eat the food took in the shop, I took a big tuna sandwich, A big new thing: I all ate and I love it!!!

After about again 30minutes of road we arrived to BONIFACIO and visit a little around.

See with the photos.

Yes or No? in my head but I did not why! but at this time it was NO! becasue just I wanted discovered more again a little!

Awesome water and cliffs, view of BONIFACIO.

After that, we come back on PORTO VECCHIO for go on Palombagia beach (transparent water) with a time of road about 30 mins.

First little view of the beach.

The water was supposed to be transparent, she was with a beautiful transparency but stones at the bottom.

I decided to put my foot a little inside as well.

We left the beach about 2H00 after we arrived and took the road for comme back to Camping.

In the car, I ate this piece of Chocolate Fondant, thought this morning in the shop.

and took the road for about 2H00 of time.

In dinner: I ate this egg with ketchup.

09H00PM I decided to search me and eat this Nutella Crepes…

after we took a little time on the beach and I went to bed.

Next morning I woke up with a BIG idea… go ALONE on the beach this morning again once time.

I ate rapidly my breakfast, Cereals, milk, Lamictal and get dressed fastly.

It’s not again 09H00AM and I took the way ALONE on the beach, I had the ALONE BEST TIME!!!

I enjoy this moment for took Photos.

I love, love this TOMS’s Flip Flops<3.

Last Photos of this moment.

I’m back 1H00 after to mobil home and I ate a Chocolate Beignet and I drunk a Capri-Sun.

Hereafter, I went on the beach but with my Family this time.

I drunk a Mojito in a CORSICA glasse.

Lunch: was Pasta with Ketchup.

Dessert: A Ice Cream.

A little nap and follow a Smoothie before we went on the beach.

Beach, sand, beach, sand,…

A Chocolate Beignet and again a other Smoothie.

This was the last beach time but I did not wanted to go put my foot in the water.


Egg, fish snakes, Ketchup for dinner time.


Follow by the packing the bagages because the next day it was the day where we come back with the ferries.


This is my days six to eight of my Family Vacation.


What can I hold of these six to eight days?


My ALONE early beach times.



View a little of PORTO VECCHIO.


Transparent water from Palombagia beach.

Nutella Crepes.


Here this is my CORSICA 2017 Family Vacation with days 6 & 8.


See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites and Monday for last part of my CORSICA 2017 Family Vacation with days 9 & 11.




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