CORSICA 2017: Days 3 & 5 IN CORSICA!

Hi! Today it’s part two of my Family Vacation CORSICA 2017 with Days 3 & 5. If you missed part one with Days 1 & 2 you can see hereDays 6 & 8Days 9 & 11, .

These three days include a lots of afternoon beach, a lots of Chocolate beignets or Ice Cream… A ALONE EARLY BEACH… on day 5 the problems with my family started really.

In these days include also, my mom says me really she is angry after me because I eat not normally, that’ s hurt me really at bottom of my heart because I do some efforts/progress but she did not see them but these days I enjoy them also because the weather was AWESOME and I’m managed to take over my anxiety.


Alert: the first photos of this post include just with food because I do not have any other for morning day 3, I did not so much.

On Day 3, I woke up and after work on my new test for manage my OCD with numbers, I did not wanted eat breakfast, I just ate this piece of brioche with a little of milk and my Lamictal 25mg.

It’s 10H00AM when we went to do errands for the week and during the way in car for come back in Camping, it’s 11H00AM when I ate a Chocolate beignet and drunk a Caprice Sun, this Chocolate beignet was the first of my Vacation and a lots of others follow.

It’s about 12HPM where I drunk a Mojito before I ate Lunch.

Lunch was these fish snakes…

and Pasta with Ketchup, I choose this Pasta cause during the errands there was not others but I love them, they are so easy to eat.

About 01H00 after I ate this Ice Cream, I enjoy a nap in the beginning of afternoon because I’m tired.

My daily Smoothie time was about 03H40PM and before we took the way for beach. My favorite actually Smoothie is always the same Strawberry-Banana.

The beach was just in front of Camping during this afternoon beach time my principal activities was look around me, take Photos, Eat, put Foot in the water.

I founded that to the shop, this is Natural Brioche, I love it… and call them hedgehog cause he has some little pikes on the top.


If until this time I stayed on the towel, I decided to see the water temperature and put my foot inside.

YEAH!!! She is Hot!!!

It was a hot weather, I decided to hydrate my body a little with a Capri-Sun.

About 06H30PM we went back at mobil-home and after showers et others little things…

I ate these few crackers.

Follow by these pieces of bread with pate of field…

and by a egg with always ketchup.

My little evening time with episodes of Hawai 5-0…

and about 09H00PM I encourage my sister and I decided to search with her a Ice Cream.

A Ice Cream night with view on palms landscapes and a view on beach.


OMG!!! On day 4, I discovered a joy to do again a thing in more ALONE.

08H00AM I ate my breakfast, this day I decided to eat a little more, I choose Cereals with milk and my Lamictal.

We went to do visit shops on this morning and I was little hungry, so, about 10H00AM I ate a Chocolate Beignet and drunk a Capri-Sun.


From this after morning errands I feeled that the situation with my family start to be down and I feeled not good of that and I had a real need to be ALONE. I wanted so much to go on the beach a little for change my feeling BUT my anxiety are here and the last years Family Vacation I wanted to do that but I’m never managed and told me in my head “This year I’m not going to manage also” after about 15 minutes to thinking that I start told me “Yes, You can manage… All things that you have managed all long year with more difficulties, that’s easy YOU CAN DO IT” finally 5 minutes after I started to thinking I decided to go. The beach was about 5 minutes to walk of mobil-home.

It’s 11H50AM: I’m going. with ANXIETY.

11H55AM I was on the beach and start to look up around me, I’m anxious but I started to sit on the sand simply and breathe, the beach was empty almost it was perfect!

Only few minutes later I decide to go put my foot in the water…

Follow this moment I started to feel very good to be ALONE on the beach was a very good moment to do that, my feeling are again BETTER because I’m managed to take over on my anxiety.

Took Photography.

I love, love my Toms’ s Flip Flop.

11h58 AM: Currently situation beach.

This Photo is the last of the first escape ALONE on the beach, I was good and I decided to come back at mobil home but I decide to restart that again once time, it’s 12H20PM at this time.

When I returned at mobil home I decide to drunk a Mojito and eat few Chips and at this time while I was good of my ALONE beach time, I started to feeling bad again cause of my mom’s talk.

A not feeling good and for Lunch: I ate few Pasta and Fish Snakes with Ketchup.

Follow by a Ice Cream for a dessert.

Take a little time around tree who was around the mobil home.

Before went to beach I ate this AWESOME Chocolate Donut.

Drunk my daily afternoon Smoothie.

We went on the beach and for a snack I ate that brioche “hedgehog” and I drunk a Capri-Sun.

I did not wanted to go put my foot in the water this afternoon, I stayed on the towel on the sand, I’m look up around me and listen music.

… and take a time to enjoy the awesome weather.

For Dinner: I ate again these Fish Snakes… and

this Egg.

This night, in the city where we were localized was organized a night with the shops open later in the night on a big street, so, we decided to go for see a little but frankly the shops was not good and I nothing saw. Contrariwise I LOVE walk on night during Vacation.

I’m go in the bed with A LITTLE PROUD OF ME because… I did it, this morning I went on the beach ALONE despite of my big Anxiety.

The next day (5) the situation with my family was again more little by little in down… but I continued my goals of this life.

A Chocolate Donut for breakfast, I kown it’s not healthy but I wanted with always my milk and Lamictal.

Later in the morning, a Chocolate Beignet this time and I drunk a Capri-Sun.

But this morning I was not good of my mom’s talk and I decided to take a book and read a little for wait until Lunch time.

Lunch: Pasta and Ketchup.

Dessert: A Ice Cream.

A Smoothie after a nap in the middle of afternoon.

04H00PM it’s beach time and this afternoon I decided to go put my foot in the water a little and take Photos.

A best “Hedgehod” brioche and I dunk a Capri-Sun.

It’s about 06H50PM and I was a little hungry, I decided to attack a piece this big french bread.

Dinner: Egg with Ketchup. and the Family down situation increase more again, I decided to take a little time ALONE again… and search me a Nutella Crepes, Why? because eat Nutella Crepes was in my Summer Vacation goals and it was the perfect situation for take a breakaway. The Crepes Shop was localized in the Camping, so, I did not wanted eat her in public, I decided to come back at mobil home for eat her and Bonus: I eat all!

08H10PM when I took this escape time for search her.

This beautiful and good big Nutella Crepes.


This is on this Nutella Crepes that it’s end of Day 5 and of CORSICA Family Vacation 2017: Days 3 & 5 Recap.


What can I hold of these days three to five?


My ALONE morning beach time.

The hot water.

Ice Cream.

Chocolate Beignets.

Chocolate Donuts.

Walking on the night.

Nutella Crepes.


This is CORSICA 2017 Days 3 & 5′ s post.

See you tomorrow for CORSICA 2017 Days 6 & 8.




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