Comfy and Cozy Holiday Favorites

The holiday season has started and I’m now so excited to wear my favorites comfy and cozy essentials. I love to wear cozy clothes. I would like to wear only some cozy clothes. Concession! Sometimes! I would like to go outside even with my cozy blanket! Yes! I just love cozy! It’s so good for my mind! I feel so better! Winter is my favorite because I can to wear cozy clothes. A little look on my favorites comfy and cozy essentials for Holiday and Christmas season.




Comfy clothes are all for me and the recovery from my mental illness! Around holiday is clearly so cool to wear cozy clothes. And for to be honest! I feel less weird when I go outside in comfy jogger than another time of the year. I love so much cozy jogger. Not only jogger! But comfy jogger! You feel like in a pajamas! Awesome! I love everything about plaid, particularly flannel plaid during the holiday season! Red plaid shirts! But! also pajamas and scarfs. Cashmere scarfs are my favorites also. I love wearing comfy and cozy tops and bottoms but I love to be comfy in my extremities. For that! I love love love so much my UGG boots (I have them since four years). I love them! Keep my ears warm during taking a walk outside for look the Christmas decorations in nights with some earmuffs.


Are you ready to wear holiday clothes? What is your favorite holiday to wear?



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