Christmas Walk

Hi! Today, I grab a hot chocolate and relive my christmas walks after or before my psychiatrist visits these last two weeks.

I have my psychiatrist visits on mondays afternoon, generally about 03h00pm I’m outside of my psychiatrist office, a starbucks is at 50m, I go for take a hot chocolate and after I fighting my anxiety to do a little walking ALONE in streets, this past monday I raised the level, I arrived in my psychiatrist city 1 hour before that usually and I took a hot chocolate at starbucks before my psychiatrist visit this day and to do a BIG (this time) walk in streets for see the christmas lights and christmas decorations. THIS WAS AWEOME, these two times. The city of my psychiatrist office is the most city decorate from France for christmas add at that.

There my christmas walks in photos.

Christmas market.

This was my best two walks of the year.




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