Christmas To Do List

Hi everyone! Today it’s a christmas post.

It’s Christmas To Do List.


I love planning and traditions in result of not my childhood because nobody learned me to organize me or there was not christmas traditions in my family.


I decided to created my Christmas To Do list,… with inside traditions that I started by my account or new things or just things that I want to do in this season.


First Big Spot: yesterday, I started to get out christmas decorations and started to put my christmas tree, it’s a little the chaos in my room because all is not finish,… but if in general I don’t love when home is not clean, my borderline symptomes are rise and my anxiety but with christmas decorations in mess in my room it’s for once time not a problem and I feel not even worse, it’s just a mess with christmas decorations everywhere but it’s the BEST. The christmas decorations/lights out I feel with a little more hope in the life and it’s good for my depression sides.


Here my list of what I want to do:


1. Drink Hot Chocolate.

2. Put Christmas Tree/Decorations.

3. Watching Christmas movies.

4. Christmas Food Photography. Christmas Cat PhotoShoot.

5. Watching Christmas Decorations on streets.

6. Watching Christmas lights on streets.

7. Listening Christmas Carols.

8. Play and Photograph the Snow if it’s here.

9. Thinking Hope/Wishes.

10. Buy and Wrap Gifts.

11. Wear Christmas Pajamas. Clothes.

12. CHRISTMAS to EuroPa Park TRIP.




These are my things on my CHRISTMAS to do List, I need so much of these things.


See you tomorrow for my Friday Favorites.



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