Christmas Hygge In Lockdown

Currently in a lockdown since two weeks and for sure again two weeks (until December 1, but could be probably extended) in France, I think we can tell that the Christmas season outside is canceled. We could to any event and we don’t know if the lockdown could continue during the Christmas holiday from December 19, or could be up at this moment, depending of the situation. But probably no big thing after the lockdown could be made outside, pray for a bit of Christmas season at Disneyland Paris during the holiday, but not sure yet! Maybe outside it’s canceled because of the Coronavirus but it is the right moment to make hygge moments inside. Right!

Well! This year, instead to do a Christmas bucket list, I will to do a list of things who could make this Christmas season hygge at home. No big things, but simple things who bring me good, cozy and joy. After all, it’s that the hygge definition. And what is better to practice hygge during Winter, and again more during Christmas season. Right! Below a list of things that I will try to bring inside every day to make a Christmas hygge at home, like we can’t go outside. Hope if you are in lockdown also in this Christmas season, this list could inspire you!

Grab all the cozy blankets everywhere in the house (my favorites ever are from Saranoni). Get dressed with sweater and soft pants in the morning and all the rest of the day. Add a Christmas themed in these comfy clothes, to bring more Christmas. Whatever in what way, during baking, essential oils or candles, bring the Christmas smell in your home. Drink a lot of hot cocoa and watching without counting anymore the numbers of Christmas movies.

When you’re in lockdown you can’t go outside (it’s the deal of lockdown to stop spreading the virus) but try to get some fresh air, by going a few minutes in the backyard or by open the windows of your home.

An important thing that I realized during this second lockdown, and not the first early this year and who is a basic hygge concept, take down tech, screens and social media. I really try to take more and more less of tech and social media in my day. It’s makes a big difference on the mental health and to go more into the hygge feeling. If you have a hard time like me in first time to do that, try by taking down your phone all the time during watching Christmas movies and bring into your day some board games/books moments where during these times you could taking down your phone and don’t look on social media. Promise! Even if it’s a bit hard in first time, it’s makes a big difference on your mental health, who is again more special and difficult to manage in a lockdown than in usual times.

I will finish by a last thing but could looks rational but who is really important. Place in your home some Christmas decor who bring joy. Only Christmas decor who bring you joy. It’s weird, you will say, you already maybe done that previous years. But I’m sure not! I’m sure that you have some decor that doesn’t bring you joy! Previous years, in more of place some decor that you love, you could have also placed some decor in the follow trend of the year or because others peoples place them, or again because you wanted to see these decor when peoples/friends could visit your home during the holiday season. Right! With the lockdown, only you is in your home and no peoples could visit you because it’s forbidden. And you are in your home all the time. Well! It’s significant to have decor around you who bring you only joy.

Right! That’s all! Thanks for stopping by!


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