Christmas Brownies + Puzzles & New iPhone

Ok! Today, I can’t go to my last psychiatrist visit of the year because again once of the strike in the trains. It starts really to be exasperating these strikes in France. I had to cut short of one day my last trip at Disneyland Paris, I was not able to go at my psychiatrist visit last week and today my last one I’m not able to go also. I could have had need of this visit to talk about my treatment because I feel not good on all ways with the Sertraline but I can’t and I haven’t other visits. I haven’t had of psychiatrist visit since three weeks while I’m under a new treatment. This is not the first time these strikes in France and it’s really exasperating! I try to stay calm but I’m angry!

Well! The other day, I had the want to bake brownies and I switched in a Christmas spirit with Christmas shaped brownies. Of course, I added a Mickey shaped brownies also.

Here an easy recipe.

200g Chocolate bar.
3 Eggs.
200g Sugar.
100g Flour.
150g Butter.
Vanilla Extract.

Preheat your oven at 185°. Line up and grease a 9*9 pan.

In a bowl, put together butter and chocolate, microwave for 30 seconds, remove and stir with a whisk. Repeat until the chocolate is melted.

In a large bowl, whisk eggs with sugar and vanilla extract. Combine the chocolate texture with the other. Add flour and whisk well.

Transfer the texture in the pan and baking for 40 minutes or until a knife comes out clear.

Let cool and use Christmas cookies cutter to transform brownies into Christmas brownies.


If you read my blog since awhile you probably know that I love puzzles. I have one Christmas puzzle that I bought last year and, this year I decided to buy another one and like I love all about Mickey since I’m going at Disneyland Paris, I have found this one. I built already twice since the beginning of the season. I love it!


Last week, I changed my iPhone. I talked a bit during the recap of my trip at Disneyland Paris. I was in trouble with my old iPhone. All the time he was in trouble and he turned off all the time when I was outside even when the battery was completely charged. During my trip, I had to keep it all the time plugged at my external battery in my pocket. It was a bit complicated and most time when I had to call my mom, it does not worked. In the beginning of the year, I already changed the battery in an Apple Store but the battery was again in trouble. I switched from an iPhone 6S to an iPhone 11. I had a hard time to change it despite that I have troubles with my old since weeks. I don’t like to buy the last news things (look I had again an iPhone 6S before) but I had really the need here. And seriously, since one week I try slowly to adapt me to my new iPhone and it’s not easy. Between the iPhone 6S and iPhone 11, there is a lot and about five generations of iPhone. Out of the fact that the screen is twice more bigger, in first time I was lost without the home button. A lot of details and a lot of new things in this new iPhone that I must adapt to me and slowly I manage. Right!

It was a bit of life lately! Thanks for reading!




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