Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas!

I hope you had a good and bright Christmas! I had a good Christmas with my family. I spent a big part of the day to sleep also. I’m so exhausted of my flu again. I think I need to come back to see the doctor because I’m so exhausted and particularly pulmonary since I had my flu. Well! My sister slept two overnights around Christmas at home. My parents hosted my grandmother at home on Christmas lunch. Like every Christmas. I had no disputes with my sister. That’s rather exceptional! But I’m disappointed about her because she offers no gifts to my parents. All long year, they help her in his life but she does no efforts in gifts. I offer a new coffee machine to my mom and a DVD set box about Louis de Funes movies to my dad, he is obsessed with these movies. My favorites gifts are all about creative kinds of stuff.

I ate a Christmas tree pancake for breakfast, I drunk a lot of hot cocoa, watch Home Alone and The Santa Clause twice, put puzzle pieces everywhere in my bedroom, snuggling with my cozy blankets, photograph christmas details, cuddling with my cat. My favorite food was smoked salmon with bread. And between all I was lay down exhausted on the couch. Right now! I’m happy to continue to be lay down with my blankets a big part of my days. The next days, I will try to go outside but I don’t know if I could to be able or so much tired.


How was your Christmas? Merry Christmas 2018.




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